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Introduction Manual For Grandma Essay

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Below, I have created an instruction manual for you mapping out the situation involving the events that have taken place in the Ukraine over the past couple of days and weeks. This manual entails five key points that relate to the concepts that we’ve discussed in my Media Literacy class.
1. Check Your Sources
When looking at articles involving the situation in the Ukraine, you should always check for credibility. There are a couple of ways you can check for sources credibility. I recommend that before you read an article or watch a video about the events happening in the Ukraine is to gather some background information about the particular source. For example, I recommend that you ...view middle of the document...

However, you have to be careful when looking for new developments, because the latest development to a story may have the facts inaccurate and distorted.
2. Use of Metaphors
A metaphor provides an angle of vision, a way of looking at the media that fosters particular aspects, questions, and concerns. A couple of weeks ago, Russia was taking over bits and pits of the Ukrainian territory. North Atlantic Territory Organization, NATO suspended their cooperation with Moscow, because of their participation in these events in Ukrainian territory. Below I have listed articles from both CNN and New York Times to help you gather information about the crisis that is ongoing between these two countries.
Ukraine crisis: NATO suspends cooperation with Moscow
This article is a metaphor for a crisis. This entails a fight between Russia and NATO, and how NATO is refusing to cooperate with Russia, which is leading to a disagreement between the two parties. The two parties aren't seeing eye to eye in the article above. From this headline, it makes it clear that a major development is going to happen between these two parties in the near future. As an observer, you should constantly be keeping yourself abreast of new developments in this crisis.
Russia Tightens Pressure on Ukraine with Rise in Natural Gas Price
This is a metaphor of mechanics, symbolizing a wrench and a bolt. This article entails the symbolism of how Russia is tightening its stronghold over the Ukraine. By raising Ukraine’s gas prices, this illustrates Russia’s control over the Ukraine. Russia has the majority of the natural gas available to all of the European countries. As an observer, you should expect continued tensions developing between the Ukrainian people and Russian government.
3. Visual Literacy
The picture below illustrates the Ukrainian army taking action against the Soviet Union, trying to take over part of their country. As a result, at least two Russian soldiers have been killed in this attack. This article demonstrates a major pitfall that many people fall into as they are trying to piece together the story from this one source before all the facts are present. When looking at different sources try and look for articles that provide new facts and arguments. I recommend that you research this newest development further before formulating your own opinion, since there are conflicting reports on how many Russians were actually killed.

(AP Photo/Mika Velikovskiy)

4. Media Bias
A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to look at two different articles about the events happening in the Ukraine. Before reading the articles, I had never heard of either source, so I did a little background check of both sources and the publishers of the articles. After...

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