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5.1 Introduction

Data has been collected to capture the mundane relationships amongst staff members in the NHS as specified by Miles and Huberman, (1994) to generate an empirically acceptable account of everyday social life (Avis, 2006; Schensul, Schensul, and LeCompte, 1999; Miles & Huberman, 1984). Data collection aimed to unravel, hidden and unexpected social phenomenon (i.e. emergence) that occurs in everyday society (Leibing, and McLean, 2007), as a result of the IS implementation. Also, to provide an insight on information flows, forms of information and how individuals respond (interact) in real organisational context; human, social and organisational aspects of IS (Klein and Myers (1999) recognising the dilemmas, frustrations, routines, relationships and risks of everyday life (Myers, 1999).

Data analysis is a systematic process of empirically validating the theoretical framework proposed by the researcher (ABCD, XXXX). The chapter aimed to achieve that by (1) describing data collection process, (2) demonstrate and analyse researcher’s experiences, (3) produce an account of IS Implementation in 13 organisations in the NHS, and (4) to understand the research problem in terms of the meanings that participants bring in based on their actual experiences. The data has been collected and the analysis has been carried out as specified in Chapter 4.

5.1.1 Data collection

The chapter presents and demonstrates the data gathered during the data collection phase. It contains data collected based on 20 interviews in 2 different NHS organisational settings; (1) 12 organisations belong to Primary care setting and (2) 3 different types of secondary settings in the NHS. In primary care context, 8 interviews were conducted from GP practices in Luton Primary Care Trust (PCT) area and 12 interviews at secondary care organisation in the NHS, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. However, 2 interviews did not meet the standards required.

Ethic clearance from the NHS was a longer and bureaucratic process. Also, delays were experienced in getting Ethics clearance from the Brunel University. The West London Consortium reviewed the research proposal and had to change some of the questions as a result of their recommendations (Appendix -1), which brought positive contribution. During the ethics clearance process, proposal was intensively scrutinized by the ethics committee and those were positively helped to improve the quality and the standard of the research. On XX/XX/2011, the medical director at Central and North West London NHS Trust has granted the ethics approval for the project (Appendix 2). To facilitate the organisations where research was carried out, an interview schedule has been agreed with each locality manager to find staff to backfill during the interviews.

The researcher was flexible and pragmatic in planning and...

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