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Introduction Of Civil Services Essay

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A healthy lifestyle is considered to be a norm nowadays, it inspires one to aspire towards a kind of life that requires regular exercise and the practise of good nutrition, just to name a few. Living a healthy lifestyle can be viewed as being an essential practise in life mainly because, it is regarded as being something that has a direct impact on the longevity of a person's life - for instance, the practise of an unhealthy lifestyle can cause health problems such as obesity, which can result in one experiencing respiratory and heart problems that can conclude to the loss of life. The importance that activities such as exercise hold in enhancing the status of health encourages one to ask what would happen if the practise of Engineering did not exist - the primary practise that resulted in the existence of technology, the practise that affords people the ability to make their lives easier - what would the definition of life be if, humans did not possess the knowledge to process raw minerals and extract produce from it that allows mankind the freedom to creat and explore technology. As the field of Engineering is divided in to a number of different studies that individually focus on different phenomenons, this paper will partly discuss tthe requirements for a healthy life, the role of engineering as a collective, more especially the impact that civil engineering has on our livelihoods with regards to public health. For one to live a healthy life style it is essential to live in a healthy environment that offers accessible health services, clean water, intoxicated oxygen, effective sanitation and clean landscape but, living in such an environment does not guarantee that ones health because, these are subjective factors which on average, one would not have control over. There are more objective factors that allow one to influence their health status - these factors include eating nutritional food, part taking in physical exercise and living a balanced...

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