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The Importance Of Having A Portfolio

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Portfolios serve the purpose of an extensive record of a student’s best work and skills. As the student progresses through life, record keeping and reflection becomes an expectation. A résumé cannot possibly describe the entire list of qualities each individual possesses. As a result, portfolios thrive in high schools and offices alike to demonstrate a person’s capabilities in the greatest detail. Any person with a future-oriented mindset should have a portfolio to create opportunities for a successful life.
The résumé I completed in the beginning of the semester had minimal need for correction. It did not have much room for grammatical error. The résumé lists my experiences and abilities I have acquired, therefore disallowing a margin for being verbs. This one assignment belonged to the small group of documents that did not require revision. Everyone should recognize that there exists room for reflection where errors do not present themselves.
In the college interest letter to the University of Southern California, errors did not present themselves openly. I had to correct only a few being verbs. “I am” translated to “I belong” and “I expect”. The revision of this assignment became difficult as I overlooked the few errors that I made. Writers should pay close attention when they proofread their work as well as others to ensure total correction.
The On Writing Well TPEQEA Essay contained many flaws. “Sub-par” described my writing capabilities at the time. Estimates no longer “issed” rather they began to claim vast amounts of English words. As a result of my watchful eye, the flaws became perfections and “sub-par” lists as an antonymous example of my paper. With many corrections needed in some papers, writers should not forget to keep the essence of the topic contained on their parchment.
The letter to the editor I wrote in mid-September do not make it to my list of favorite assignments. The letter did, however, made itself to the list of revision. Many being verbs became noticeably present and died a death of correction. Being verbs appear to make writing dead. Writers should revive their works by eliminating the existence of those verbs.

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