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Introduction Of Spicules Essay

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The solar chromosphere is made almost entirely or entirely (certainly for the upper chro- mosphere) of jets known as spicules, with lifetimes of approximately 15 minutes with hun- dreds of thousands on the Sun at any given time (Beckers, 1968). There have been numerous investigations over the decades of spicules, for example, Roberts (1945), Lippincott (1957), and Dunn (1960)studied themat the polar limb. A spectroscopic study at the Sacramento Peak Observatory by Pasachoff, Noyes, and Beckers (1968)provided direct evidence of spicular motion, overcoming limitations of apparent motion derived from series of intensity images that may have resulted merely from changing ionization fronts instead of actual ve- locities. In addition to rising and falling motion along the limb, Pasachoff, Noyes, and Beck- ers also reported evidence for rotation of spicules. Mouradian (1965, 1967)alsoprovided spectroscopic measurements of spicular motions, and Lynch, Beckers, and Dunn (1973)and Nishikawa (1988)later remeasured size statistics. See alsoZaqarashvili andErdélyi (2009). Generally, the term spicules refers to the features seen at the limb of the quiet Sun (Golub
and Pasachoff, 2001), and this paper deals exclusively with such “classical” spicules. Similar features seen on the disk are called “mottles,” although some authors refer to those features as spicules as well. Beckers (1968, 1972)gives comprehensive reviews of earlier work on spicules, as well as mottles. Active consideration of limb spicules revived at the time of the 1998 total eclipse with a meeting on Solar Jets and Coronal Plumes on Guadaloupe (Koutchmy, Martens, and Shibata, 1998). Reviews of spicules were given by Suematsu (1998)and, fromtheoretical considerations, bySterling (1998a). Those presenting new ob- servations included Salakhutdinov and Papushev (1998),...

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