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Marketing Study NotesTarget Market - to whom will you target the product.Developing Starategic Marketing Plan- identify, evaluate & select the market- when market is selected, develop & implement a Marketing Program designed to target choosen market.Market - people with willingness to purchase and authority to buy.Types of Markets:CONSUMERR GOODS - products & services purchased by consumer for personal use.INDUSTRIAL GOODS - products purchased to be used for production of other goods or for of Industrial Goods also called - "Business to Business Marketing".the key to proper classification of goods lies in the purchaser & in the reasons for buying the good.Market Segmentation - grouping people according to their similarity in one or more dimensions related to a particular product category.Market Segmantation:age, gender, geographic location, income, population, mobility, etc. are vital for marketing strategy.5 basis for segmenting consumer markets:1. Demographic Segmentation2. Geographic Segmentation3. Psychographic Segmentation4. Benefit Segmentation5. Usage RateGEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION - dividing market into homogeneous groups based on population location. (used for ages)DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION - dividing market on characteristics such as age, gender, income. (easiest)PSYCHOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION - to identify market segments it uses behavioural profiles developed from analyses of the activities, opinions, interests, and lifestyles of consumers.BENEFIT SEGMENTATION - depends on advanced marketing research techniques that focus on benefits the consumer expects to derive from a product.USAGE RATE - divides the market by amount of product consumed, and/or brand loyalty.Start point in market segmentation - find where your buyers are. Geographic.(People move to bigger populated placed. Immigration impacted Canada. People are in the cities. Canada's population - urban. Toronto - Montreal - Vancouver : biggest.)Residence location within geographic area is very important.Climate also.Geographic segmentation - which sales regions to enter, where sales offices located, where retail outlets are located.Geographic segmentation is useful whendifferences in preference and purchase patterns emerge from regional lines.DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION - age, gender, income, occupation, education, household size.Demographic Segmentation is used for 3 reasons:1. They are easy to identify and measure2. They are associated with the sale of many products and services3. They are typically referred to in describing the audiences of advertising media, so that media buyers and others can easily pinpoint the desired target market.Many products are gender specific (razors)Age: 45 - 65 - grown children, mortgages paid off - more disposable income. This income is used for luxury goods, new furniture, travel.Senior-Citizen Market.FAMILY LIFE CYCLE - the process of family formation, development, and dissolution.Patrick Murphy & William Staples made 6...

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Introduction to marketing Essay

667 words - 3 pages dimensions of marketingIncludes:Marketing encompasses:Business-to-BusinessBusiness to ConsumerNot-for-profit organisations looking for donations…they are marketing social causes and ideas they want you to supportGlobal Marketing5-what is marketingMarketing can be described as all activities designed to generate and facilitate any exchange intended to satisfy human needs or wants. (adaptation Rix, Stanton, )Marketing is a total system of

Introduction to Marketing Essay

1817 words - 7 pages consumer...Marketing and the 4 Variables AKA MARKETING MIX: The primary goal off a marketer is to develop and maintain the right mix off these marketing elements in order to satisfy customer needs for a general product type..They must collie's up-to-date, in-depth data about customer needs... Armed with the information based on that data, they are better able to develop a marketing mix that satisfies a specific target market...1. Product variable

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2769 words - 11 pages trade in world economic activity has more than doubled since 1945 and that nations are more interdependent than ever before. For firm that means growing access to the markets of the world and growing competition at home.International marketing refers to exchanges across national boundaries for the satisfaction of human needs and want. The extent of a firm's involvement abroad is a function of its commitment to the pursuit of foreign market

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1564 words - 6 pages An Introduction To Marketing In LeisureThe aim of this assignment is to understand the terms 'marketing' and 'selling' and their role within a large organisations, to find the difference between product and customer orientated approaches and to define the differences and similarities between products and services.Definitions of marketing and sellingMarketing;-The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) provides the first definition:&middot

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1110 words - 4 pages The nature and role of markets and marketing. - marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that saisfy individual(present and potential customers) and organisational objectives. The role of marketing in the firm and society-70% of all new products fail within the first year of being launched. - for a business to achiee its main objective

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1474 words - 6 pages being.Market Research Objectives.Exploratory Research: Marketing research to gather preliminary information that will help to define problems better and suggest hypotheses.Descriptive Research: Marketing research to describe marketing problems, situation or markets better- such as the market potential for a product or the demographic and attitudes of customers.Casual Research: Marketing research to test hypotheses about cause and effect

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8675 words - 35 pages Introduction to Marketing Assignment Jake SmythScenarioI work for business link and I have been asked to produce a report that will help local businesses market their products more effectively.Task 1a - What is marketing? (P1)In order to answer this assignment, I will give a number of marketing definitions and comment on them.Here are a few definitions that I was able to find on the internet" Marketing is the social process by which individuals