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SUBJECT TITLE : Introduction To Business Functions
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In the business of Café Des Amis, they have utilized a few business functions such as marketing, operation management and human resource management. Utilization of these business functions would aid the business in successfully fulfil the business model and attract the customers then fulfil their needs also. First, marketing of the business is done through the products and services of the Café Des Amis. They may be providing numerous product such as French food and drinks.
According to the case, the café is designed with the style and ambience of a French café which is linked with the layout design. The design would actually market the café through the environment fulfilment to the customer requirement. The menu designation is also another element of marketing of the business. The case mentioned that the café also designed the restaurant according to those individuals that are fond to French food such as French onion soup or tarte tatin. Not only that, the café is held according to the French décor, colours and pictures which becoming the main marketing of the image of the café.
Not only about the design of the café, the layout of the business is also another key. In addition, the café arrangement is meant for two or four people but they have mobile tables which can be rearranged to serve larger groups. They also try to provide summer or winter menus according to the customer preferences. The executive management team had selected numerous regular supplier in order to get quality and French speciality. Selection of supplier would greatly matters in the menu designation and fulfilment of the customer requirement.
The service of the café is also one way of marketing its image only can be done with the aid of operation management and human resource management. The level of service would be provided from the operations management of the business. However, it would then greatly need the human resource department in order to provide the service in the best manner. In the case, it is mentioned that the business have about 25 staff including the front house and kitchen. Then, they also have one general manager and three shift supervisors.
The job of general manager is such as meeting the restaurant financial objectives by developing financing, attracting patrons by developing and implementing marketing programs, maintaining operations, maintaining safe and healthy environment,...

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