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Introduction To Chinese Caligraphy Essay

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Chinese calligraphy
Every single culture has a way of representing itself. The most different part between China and Australian is the language. Chinese word (han-zi) is hieroglyphic words, and it has its own art style: Chinese calligraphy. Additionally, Chinese calligraphy (shu fa) is a crucial documentation, which is able to learn about history through today.
The Chinese calligraphy is among the world’s best-documented and preserved art in human history. It has been passed down through generations and it has not lost its value and significance in the chines culture. The Chinese culture presents a unique way of doing things. Culture and tradition have been elements of ...view middle of the document...

The beauty that comes with calligraphy was among the main reasons that it was chosen and readily accepted by the Chinese people. The invented characters of calligraphy allowed for an interesting and pleasing presentation for artists and readers.
Gia Gu Wen or Jia Gu Wen is considered among the very first characters to be discovered even though it was not fully mature. Oracle bones present some of the very earliest and most ancient examples of Chinese calligraphy. The best way of understanding calligraphy, however, has been linked to the political authority and rituals Tregear, 1980, p. 87). When looked at from that perspective, the calligraphy can easily be traced and its meaning be understood. Various reigns and dynasties in China have had documented literature and cultural rituals. Looking at each and every one of them allows a person to trace the Chinese calligraphy through time.
Dynastic literature
After the unification of chine back in 221 BC, the short lived unity saw the burning of thousands of writing s and literature material by the emperor to ensure that classical writings were not available for the public. This created a daunting task for the subsequent dynasty since it had to re-establish and reconstruct a fresh the texts and literature that were considered classics. The dynasties that followed saw the importance of documentation and clear preservation of any form of literature for posterity. The Chinese culture and way of life has been among the few that have retained ties with ancient times. The art world in china as in most Asian countries, presents a passed down or inherited art form.
Sung dynasty (960-1279)
This dynasty is greatly credited with the enhancement and development of tz’u form of song and poetry. Generally, calligraphy is inspired by other artistic forms like poetry, songs and even story telling. In this dynasty women had a significant role and impact and for that reason, they were greatly featured in most calligraphic representations. Professional calligraphers were common in this reign and they greatly influenced and played a major role in the development of calligraphy (Tregear, 1980, p. 124).
Yuan, or Mongol, dynasty (1279-1368)
This reign and dynasty is associated with the advent of Chinese drama and vernacular fiction in terms of literature. Romantic exploits in poetry and dramatic performances were greatly practiced in this era. A notable name during this dynasty is Kuan Han-ch'ing who is considered among the greatest playwrights of his time. Outlaws and political radicals were also common during this reign (Driscoll and Toda, 1964, p. 103). The communism during this dynasty was rather too harsh on revolutionary art and for this reason the artistic representation was rather confined. Romance and humor were among the commonest themes during this dynasty. Calligraphy during this age was heavily laced with romance and emotional representations. The weights of the characters and the rhythms and phrases...

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