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Introduction To Cloud Computing Essay

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Cloud Computing is an up and coming strategy that could create millions of jobs while allowing companies to become more profitable. How does Cloud Computing work? The basis of Cloud Computing is having data, software, platforms or networks stored and executed by an outside source and then streaming the output to your electronic device.(McKendrick, J. 2012 march 3) In this paper I will address the following three topics: the history and basis of Cloud Computing, the three main features of Cloud Computing, and the three network types used of Cloud Computing.
While Cloud Computing has become a recent trend, it has actually been around for a long time. The Idea first started to form in the 1960’s with Arpanet and John McCarthy. The idea was mostly dormant until the 90’s when telecommunications companies switched from point to point data circuits to VPN’s (virtual private networks). Using VPN telecom companies were able to balance their network loads and become more efficient. In 1997 Ramnath Chellappa defined Cloud Computing as we know it today. He stated it is a “Computing paradigm where the boundaries of Computing will be determined by economic rationale rather than technical limits alone.” is most noted for the first jump into Cloud Computing in 1999, delivering enterprise applications through their website. Amazon was the next company to utilize Cloud Computing offering web services in 2002. (Sourya, 2011)
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is an exciting concept because it can do much more than just executing and streaming your data from one place to another. It is successful through its flexibility to meet each company's needs. Cloud Computing is generally broken into three main categories based on functionality, SaaS(software as a service), PaaS(platform as a service), and IaaS(infrastructure as a service).(IBM. what is Cloud)
Through Software as a Service, or SaaS, users can gain access to their software on the go through many devices they wouldn’t have been able to before. This is done by installing the software on the hosts computers and using their computers to process and execute the data and then send it out to the user, allowing end users to access the data through less expensive low powered devices and mobile devices without sacrificing any quality.
Platform as a service or PaaS, is another feature end users can take advantage of. There are different types of PaaS to help meet specialized needs. These include add-on development, open platform, and application delivery. These services provides operating systems and programming execution environments as well as databases and web servers depending on the type chosen. The main advantages of PaaS is the reduction of hardware that is needed to run these features, and less employees needed to maintain the hardware. Another added benefit is that many Cloud service providers offer scalability to meet the applications needs, and offers flexibility to get...

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