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Introduction To Employee Evaluation Essay

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The evaluation process is essential in the positive development and growth of an organizations workforce, but it can also be a stressful to an employee. Employee evaluations should be used as a tool to employers to measure employee development and growth on the job. An employee evaluation also allows for open dialogue between an employee and their leader and should be conducted at least annually, more often for new hires within an organization, at least ninety days after hire.
In the organization in which I am employed, the employee evaluation is a three part process. The first part consists of meeting with your leader in the beginning of the physical year and setting goals that you intend ...view middle of the document...

Evaluations are in place to promote and build dialogue with employees and leaders with a clear understanding of job expectation, also to apply standards provide opportunities to acknowledge good performance and coach when performance falls below expectations. Encourage self improvement and reward and recognize employee excellance.
There are some positives and negatives to employee evaluations. Peer evaluations can have a negative effect in the workplace. In most cases the peer is anonymous, which does not allow the person that is being discussed the opportunity to address with the peer the negatives they may have written in the peer evaluation and if the peer is not anonymous, it can result in a hostile workplace due to feelings being hurt.
Evaluations should be used as a tool for growth. It should outline the performance standards of an organization as well as the goals of the organization. The organizations standards and goals should align with your standards and goals as an employee.
A good leader would listen attentively to their employees concern, evaluate performance and not personality, be realistic and honest and will coach an employee instead of punish them when job performance has not been favorable. Coaching is the process of mentoring an employee to job performance satisfaction. Often times, coaching is necessary in employee development, you start by...

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