Introduction To Effective Leadership And Management

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Effective Leadership & Management are quintessential aspects in terms of success of a healthcare organization. A great leader can discover what is universal and capitalize on it by motivating the employees towards a better future. Great leaders cut through the differences of race, age, sex, nationalities, and personalities; using stories and celebrating heroes (Buckingham, 2005). Whereas great managers know the unique ability and eccentricity of his/her employees, and can integrate them in a coordinated action plan (Buckingham, 2005). Buckingham (2005) further explains that identifying & capitalizing on each person’s uniqueness saves time and also it makes each person more accountable. Also by capitalizing, great managers build a stronger sense of teamwork and introduce a healthy degree of disruption essential for the success of any organization. Buckingham (2005) gives an example of how a customer service representative named Manjit in a Walgreens store in San Jose, California consistently outperformed her peers. Manjit was a normal performer until the store’s current owner Mr. Jim came on board. Mr. Jim turned out to be a great manager by quickly picking out on Manjit’s idiosyncrasies and translated them into outstanding performances. Manjit had a love for public recognition and Jim recognized this by highlighting her scores in red put up on the walls & also put up photos documenting her success. The other employees at the store came to understand quickly that Jim saw his employees as distinct individuals and evaluated them based on their personal strengths. As a result, the other employees started to perform well and soon Mr. Jim’s store became number one store of Walgreens as a result of his great managerial skills (Buckingham, 2005).

There are various theories identifying various types of leadership behaviors namely the Michigan Studies, the Ohio State studies & the Managerial Grid. The central theme to all the theories was to identify two basic dimensions of leadership i.e. task oriented behavior & relationship oriented behavior. The task oriented behavior is consistent with a manager while the relationship oriented behavior is more consistent of a leader. The path goal theory of leadership by Robert House explains that effective leaders clarify the “path” for their subordinates to help them achieve their necessary “goals” (House & Mitchell, 1975). The theory further explains when a leader clarifies the necessary goals, the performance & satisfaction of the employees and the leader acceptance increases. Another important theory called the leader member exchange (LMX) theory proposes that the subordinates of a leader become a part of a in-group or out-group based on how well they work with the leader and how the leader works with them. The leader–member exchange (LMX) theory therefore provides a useful view for examining the relationship between supervisors & subordinates as it captures the impact of the supervisors’ support towards their...

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