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Introduction To It Essay

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AB1401 - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CHIN WEI JIANSEMINAR 1: INTRO TO IT - THE DIGITAL WORLDTHE EMERGING DIGITAL FIRMSignificant business r/s w customers, suppliers & employees are digitally enabled and mediatedCore business processes are accomplished through digital networksKey corporate assets are managed digitallyGreater flexibility: Time Shifting (business conducted 24/7), Space Shifting (national ...view middle of the document...

produces, delivers & sells a product to create wealth (e.g. from LD to CD to iTunes)Customer & Supplier Intimacy- the closer the r/s, the more return customers you'll have and lower prices from suppliers (Ritz Carlton hotel CRM system on customer preference, J.C. Penney's information system which links sales records to contract manufacturer)Improved Decision Making- real time info on customer complaints for managers to respond immediately (Verizon Corp digital dashboard with real-time customer info). More accurate data leads to better decisions.Competitive Advantage- doing things better than your competitors, charging less for superior products, responding to customers and suppliers in real time (Toyota Production System - TPS)Survival- info systems are necessities of doing biz (necessity, Citibank introduce ATM- 1977). Federal and state statutes and regulations (Sarbanes Oxley Act-2002)AB401 Information Technology 2

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