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Introduction To Literature (Part Ii) Essay

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Memories are an important part of life. In fact, people should learn to cherish the good memories and capture more important moments with family and friends because life does not go on forever. Everyone has a childhood which in turn will veer into adulthood and eventually lead to their elder years. Life always has been and always will be full of changes, not all for the good. "Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night" by Dylan Thomas, "We Real Cool" by Gwendolyn Books and "The Times They are a Changing" by Bob Dylan all deal with dissimilar structures of life's changes. This essay will discuss the different forms of life's changes as they relate to each individual poem.First, we will begin with Dylan Thomas's "Do not go Gentle into that Good Night". This poem illustrates a father to son relationship and the special relationship they share with each other. Men usually tend to teach their young sons the ways of being a man and young men tend to love this quality time spent with their father during this learning process. Because men tend to have a certain indescribable relationship with their fathers', one can only imagine the emotions that a son feels at the loss of his father. "Do not go Gentle into that Good Night' is a perfect example of such behavior. This poem describes a father-son relationship that is about to end because the father is dying of old age.The reader assumes that the father knows that dying is right because the narrator states "wise men at their end know dark is right" (Thomas 927). However the son is not willing to accept this. The son wants the father to "rage against the dying light", fight for his life (Thomas 927). This essay symbolizes the father-son relationship that will soon close because of old age. The father-son memories are the only thing left for the son to remember the father by.Secondly, we will discuss "We Real Cool" by Gwendolyn Brooks. As an adult, my memories of childhood consist of having fun with my friends, hanging out at some of the popular kid hangout spots, playing hooky from school, being cool and just enjoying life to the fullest. This is exactly the same case with...

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