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Introduction To Marketing Essay

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Marketing - The process of creating, distributing, promoting and pricing goods services and ideas to facilitate satisfying exchange relationships with customers in a dynamic environment.•Marketing is the business philosophy that centres on the needs of the buyer...•Marketing is the management process of identifying and satisfying customer needs,, (to meet the firms objectives/profitably)..•Marketing is the way in which an organisation matches its own needs and resources with the wants of its customers...•The purpose of marketing is to create and retain a customer by understanding that customers needs and therefore meeting the firms' objectives...•Marketing is the process of getting the right product (or value offer) to the right consumer at the right price at the right time...•Marketing is the process of exchange to satisfy the needs of both producer and consumer...Marketing and the 4 Variables AKA MARKETING MIX: The primary goal off a marketer is to develop and maintain the right mix off these marketing elements in order to satisfy customer needs for a general product type..They must collie's up-to-date, in-depth data about customer needs... Armed with the information based on that data, they are better able to develop a marketing mix that satisfies a specific target market...1. Product variable - A ''product'' in marketing terms is anything overfeeding to a market - ''a bundle off attributes (features, functions, benefits and uses) that exists for the purpose off exchange to satisfy both customer and organisational objectives''...Product variable also involves creating or modifying brand names and packaging, and may include decisions regarding warranty and service repairs. Even political leaders can be seen as a brand.A product can beA good - mostly tangibleA service - mostly intangibleAn idea - mostly conceptualAn event - time and place orientedAn activity - cause-basedA person - personality- or Celebrity-basedAn experience - ''a happening thing''Product variable decisions are important as they directly are involved with creating products that address the customers' needs and wants. Marketetrs must develop new products, modify existing ones and eliminate those that no longer satisfy consumers or those that yield unacceptable profit. Eg HomeStart Finance expanded its loan product assortment and offered no deposit loans to uni graduates in South Australia, ecnourgaing more people to stay in the state. This helped HomeStart's goal to achieve objective of new home starts.2. Price Variable - refers to the decisions and actions associated with establishing pricing objectives and policies and determining product prices.Value means different things to different customers - durability to one, ease of use to another, etc. Price changes are often used as a competitive tool (often because they can be made more easily than can the other marketing mix variables). Level of quality = level of price (to mostbuyers). Price changes...

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757 words - 3 pages Marketing Study NotesTarget Market - to whom will you target the product.Developing Starategic Marketing Plan- identify, evaluate & select the market- when market is selected, develop & implement a Marketing Program designed to target choosen market.Market - people with willingness to purchase and authority to buy.Types of Markets:CONSUMERR GOODS - products & services purchased by consumer for personal use.INDUSTRIAL GOODS - products

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556 words - 3 pages Word count including in-text citations = 500. Introduction Technology advance has provided an opportunity for businesses to operate and reach their customers through electronic platforms giving rise to new business, commerce and marketing systems including e-business, e-commerce, e-marketing and mobile commerce. However, the terms are mostly confused and used interchangeably hence the objective of this discussion being to differentiate them

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1085 words - 4 pages evolutionary development from the industrial to the information technological age. Strategic Marketing Process and the Key Phases Tony Proctor, in his book, Strategic Marketing: An Introduction, defines a strategy as a plan that incorporates and integrates an organization’s mission, major goals, policies, decisions and "sequences of action into a cohesive whole" (2000, p. 1). All levels of an organization, including functional areas can have a

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6836 words - 27 pages unrelated parts. Preponderance of economic systems analysis, and the introduction of behavioral concepts led to the study of marketing as social systems.The company Reesees Peanut Butter Cup has the ability to deal with customers such as distributors, retailers and agents in different cultural settings is viewed to be essential to build and maintain business relationships in competitive international markets. Thus, managing business

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713 words - 3 pages measure whether the original campaign is effective or if a change is needed to the campaign. A successful marketing depends upon effective communication.References:G. Armstrong & P. Kotler Marketing: An Introduction (2005). Upper Saddle River, NJ Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2005The 7 Most Common Marketing Mistakesby Michael Fleischner from February 25, 2006.The Marketleap ReportVol. 1

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900 words - 4 pages people conduct business. Companies must keep up with the latest technology to add value but also keep the cost of the new technology in line. A marketer can use technology to make the product or service more accessible to the customer thus adding additional levels of service. Another way a company could choose use technology would be to invest in multimedia kiosks as an introduction to interactive marketing to customers.Another area of concern is the

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