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Introduction To Production And Operational Management.. The Reaserch Was Required To Be Done Thru Internet Without Using Books.

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Table Of ContentIntroduction to Production AndOperations Management (POM)- What is Production/Operation Management- Evolution of POM. The Industrial Revolution. Post-Civil War period. Scientific Management. Human Relations & Behavioralism. Operation Research. The Service Revolution- POM Today Decisions Making In POM. What is managerial decision making. types of management decisions. types of mngt decisions. types of strategic decisions. types of administrative dececisions. types of operational decisions. What are the steps in decision makingProcess. WHAT IS PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONSMANAGEMENT ?Production and operations management (POM) is a vital management activity in both manufacturing and service organizations. It is primarily concerned with the process of transforming organizational resource inputs into final organizational outputs. It is a comprehensive process that treats the organization as a system of interconnected functions. The major functions of P/OM incorporate design, planning, decision making, operations, and system controles..The process in the above diagram is often referred to as the "Conversion Process". There are several different methods of handling the conversion or production process - Job, Batch, Flow and Group order to benefit society, all organizations (public or private, profit or non-profit) must effectively produce and distribute outputs needed by society. These outputs can be tangible (e.g, manufactured goods, utilities, retail and wholesale transactions) or intangibles (e.g., transportation services, entertainment and recreational services, educational and counseling services)To perform successfully, these productive pipelines must be carefully designed, staffed , and operated to convert the appropriate inputs of materials, components, customers, energy, and information into the desired outputs.Operations managers have the challenging and rewarding role of designing, scheduling, staffing, controlling, and improving these complex, yet important, productive pipelines profiting the goods and services we all use to enrich our lives. In most organizations, the operations system represents the largest function--usually managing most of the organization's employees and productive assets and accounting for the major portion of the firms capital and operating expenditures. Thus the operations function would be significant if due only to its size, level of resources and total expenditures required to complete the mission. However, in recent years, the operations function and its management have received greater attention and added importance . A renewed interest in emergence of significant foreign competition, higher inflation and interest rates, shipping domestic productivity, a more educated and quality/value conscious consumer, deregulation of industries, and a free trade-oriented government.. EVOLUTION OF POMThere are six main historical developments :...

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