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Introduction To Psychology Essay

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In this essay I will be evaluating the research methods and ethical issues raised in the attached articles: “The Wire Mother Experiment” and “The Double Bind Theory”
Harry Frederick Harlow, an American Psychologist proposed a mother’s love was essential for healthy childhood development. (Cherry 2014) To prove this, Harlow carried out a series of controversial experiments in the 1950s titled “The Wire Mother Experiment” (also known as contact comfort) this experiment involved depriving Infant rhesus macaques (a breed of monkeys) of their mothers love and substituting their biological mothers with “manufactured mothers”. With this experimental method ...view middle of the document...

Lack of bedding and food. Participants in solitary confinement.
Idea: the mothers of the monkey the baby were taken from Pain and Distress (mention law)
In conclusion Harry Harlow’s research on …

The Double Bind theory is a theory of Schizophrenia proposed by a British psychologist, named Gregory Bateson in the 1950s, this theory argues that faulty communication patterns within the family contribute to the onset of schizophrenia, the infidelity of communication messages between a schizophrenic mother and her child may result in the child developing schizophrenia (REF)
The research method I have identified in “The Double Bind Theory” article is observation. The schizophrenic patient is observed and the
The Strengths of Batsons observation is reliability and validity, there is also an enhanced measure of control as the observation is conducted in a controlled environment and therefore internally valid
The weaknesses of observation is – Unexpected events
Ethical issues raised from this research is Expectancy events (researcher bias)
Incapacity to give an informed consent – Under the mental capacity act an individual with diminished capacity
Researchers are obliged, whenever possible to obtain...


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