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Student: LaQuitta Robinson
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Introduction to Student with Disabilities
Assignment 3

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Analyzing Learning and Intellectual Disabilities
LaQuitta Robinson
Northcentral University
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Analyzing Learning and Intellectual Disabilities
Part I
Learning disabilities and intellectual disabilities can be broken down and described as two unique focal points in students with disabilities. All disabilities have specific indicators that provide very distinguishing characteristics that assist educators in the determination of the education plans specifically fit for students with varying disabilities. Thus, the educator’s knowledge and willingness to provide the best possible learning environment is a very significant part of the education students with disabilities will receive. Particularly, learning and intellectual disabilities as described in Chapters Four and Five of “Exceptional Students: Preparing Teachers for the 21st century” (Taylor, Smiley, Richards, 2015) provides explicit details and a knowledge base to promote understanding of both types of disabilities.
Learning disabilities can be described as specific and in some cases well documented comprehension deficits. Furthermore, learning disabilities can be considered changes in an individual’s ability to learn and apply knowledge, as well as reduced levels of learning according to socially and academically acceptable standards. These distinct indicators can be observed by educators and parents alike in the child’s core knowledge skills such as...

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