Introduction To The Dissection Of The Mink

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Purpose: To analyze and discuss the anatomy of the mink in order to compare to that of a human. Even though the mink’s anatomy will be a bit different some similarities could always be found.
Physical Characteristics
The general characteristics of minks is that they are mammals just like humans, which means that we both are born with hair, mammary glands for the females and different characteristics in our anatomy to those of birds and reptiles. Their scientific name is Mustela Vison. The mink has very long trunk, short legs and very large neck. The tail is thick and the feet are slightly webbed enabling them to swim better. In all the mink measures about 12-15 inches long and weight 1 ½ to 3 pounds. The fur is very dark almost black, on the chin the fur is white with a little white fur on its throat.
On the first stage of development the litter could be of 2 to 7 minks. They are born blind and deaf with little to no fur. They grow reddish hair when they are 2 weeks old. When they are finally 5 weeks old their eyes will star to open in the mean time the mothers have to feed them and protect them from predators.
On the second stage of development the minks are 10 weeks old they learn how to hunt. By fall, the minks leave their mother and start an independent life. They will mainly hunt snakes, rabbits, frogs, birds, mice and other small animals. Minks spend most of their time in the water. These creatures live on empty logs, or in a hole near the water.
On their third stage of development minks are ready to breed when they are about 10 weeks old, this happens January all the way to April. Males and females will mate with different minks. Generally female minks are in heat for a period of 3 weeks. After they have mated and stayed with the male mink to take care of the litter, the mothers will take care of their litters until fall.
On the fourth stage of development mink’s life spans consist of less than 3 years, unlike humans who have a lifespan of sometimes more than 100 years. Wild minks on the other hand don’t live through their first 6 months because different factors such as starvation, disease, eaten by another wild animal, etc. Records have shown that minks could live up to 4 years if their environments are safe and full of food sources.
Range and Habitat
The American Mink could be found in almost in all the United Stares and Canada except for Hawaii, Arizona, and the southwestern United States (California, Utah, and New Mexico) because of their hot temperatures.
The European Minks are the most endangered carnivore animal in all Europe. Back in time minks lived in almost all the European territory. Nowadays the European mink only lives in one small portion of that territory. Small portions live on Spain, Estonia, Russia, and Belarus.
Their habitats are mostly near the water, since they are semi-aquatic mammals. The exact places are wetlands, lakeshores, or near rivers and streams of water. Their food is also a...

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