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Introductory Speech On Transforming Into Butterfly Aum Comm1000 Speech

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As I grow and mature, I am aware of how many changes I have gone through and will go through. Here I am, a Georgia girl in Alabama during my senior year at Auburn University. I know that change is coming in May. As I contemplated this assignment I tried to think of something that changes in nature. I struggled with comparisons to myself. Tadpoles become frogs and caterpillars transform into butterflies. Hmmm...Since I am not much of a jumper, I think my decision to compare myself to a butterfly makes more sense.
In life, you go through many stages of changes just like a caterpillar will transform into a butterfly. In my early high school years, I lived a very unhealthy physical lifestyle. I wasn’t involved in many things. Similar to a caterpillar I lived a slow life. I was not involved in any sports or anything that was physical. After being so unhappy for so long I decided it was time for change. If you know anything about me you should know I do not like change of any type. I began to eat healthier and I started to run. I felt so much better and even joined my high school Cross Country team! Change turned out to be a good thing for! (INSERT PART ABOUT CATERPILLAR BEING SLOW/ NOTACTIVE) (PLEASE HELP WITH WORDING)
Ever since I was a little girl I have loved sleeping in my own bed. I always made sure I was in my bed every night. I would be so scared to stay with friends...

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