Introverts The Forgotten Sheep In The Herd

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“Shyness: Evolutionary Tactic?” Is the article written in The New York Times newspaper. Susan Cane wrote the article in June 2011.The article used a variety of techniques to illustrate her point such as examples, sources, and new definitions.
Cain writes about shyness, introversion, social anxiety disorder, and extroversion. She compares introversion to extroversion. We need equal kinds of people in society. In my experience, people display both characteristics at the same time. The article shyness and evolutionary tactic is an interesting article because the current social judgment favors extroverts, but does a disservice to introverts who also make important contributions to ...view middle of the document...

Another example of an introvert – extrovert partnership was Eleanor Roosevelt, an introvert, and her husband FDR, who was an extrovert,. She stepped up to the plate by performing public appearances, even though she was shy. Her husband used some of her ideas to advance public policies.
Society benefits from both introverts and extroverts. However, in recent decades schools and workplaces have gone from an individual person and/or student at a working alone. Today you will see a group or team working together. If you walk into a classroom nowadays, you will see students at one or two tables working. In the past, there would be students in rolls of individual desks completing their assigned tasks. In the office, you would see individual cubicles.
According to Cain, in nature, you have a “sitters” and the “rovers. “ For example, you would have a deer going from place to place looking for food with caution.
In contrast, you have a mountain lion who is a rover that takes chances. In humans, you have the rovers and sitters too. The rovers are the outgoing, daredevils the ones that do not look before they leap or have the mindset from the Nike commercial “just do it.”
The sitters who study the environment get the facts together before they act. In a business, an extrovert, might not take into account everyone’s ideas and points of view. The introvert would gather other people’s ideas and have...

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