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Intuition And Its Different Classifications Essay

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For many years intuition has been described as a word that has many connotations attached. The word itself has gone through changes over the decades that the English vernacular has molded into what it is today. Most of which lean on the good side in terms of a natural type of sixth sense but yet mysteriously often has a feminine quality emotionally involved to it. For example a mothers or Woman's intuition are terms that are often brought or that come to mind when the word intuition of mentioned. These illustrations are not the only definitions for this versatile noun, it can also be implied to a man but are not as common because women are prone to express emotion more commonly than men. People who usually claim that they have a good intuition most usually are implying that they have had past experiences and past knowledge that they are using and applying to new terms and are therefore above the level of common knowledge and comprehension or reasoning. Most often the true meaning of its definition is disputed due to other people's personal views and beliefs. "Thesis - the goal of intuition is to create a world in which people feel encouraged to rely on their inner resources and their work and in their personal life." More or less intuition may be seen as the human version of instinct. Due to research and much debate, Intuition has been split up into several categories, cognitive intuition, natural or instinctive intuition, and social intuition.Cognitive intuition is intuition that is due to experience or previous knowledge on beforehand events. For example many gamblers rely on intuition to make their profits. "Intuition springs from a combination of matters that you can understand and explain, and others that you can't," (Hellmuth np) In terms of poker, intuition is a mystical sensation that comes naturally to many poker professionals as they describe it as a gratifying sense of power and wit. As Hellmuth put it, intuition basically comes as a combination of things you know and things that you know that you can't really explain. Many poker players describe intuition in the cognitive branch as a major key role into winning poker matches that ultimately earn them large amounts of money and respect. While some skeptics claim that in gambling games such as poker and black jack, that it is all about luck, but for the real gamblers and "High Rollers" that frequent casinos in Las Vegas, they claim that their success is not a matter of luck, rather a bit of skill and intuition. Both of these terms may seem to be the same definition altogether, but the Casino natives to Las Vegas are quick to distinguish between the two. When it comes down to folding or betting, skill will tell you whether to fold or bet due to facial expressions or remarks or side glances of other patrons of the casino, but intuition will tell you fold or bet due to gut feelings or a good feeling that you have on your particular hand (set of cards). This is what may be described as the...

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