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Intuitions Role In The Giant Spectrum

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A tingling sensation in the air erupts. The body stops mid stride as the physical alarm bell goes off, awareness about every little thing resonates as an operation plays out that doesn’t require any conscious thinking, it just happens. It is the feeling that sprouts up in the presence of someone or something that just does not feel right. That discrete nudge to the brain, that ignites a gut feeling. Intuition. With intuitional decision-making there is no need for conscious reasoning as intuition takes over ones judgment capabilities. It is then that the question of intuitions role in our everyday judgment, comes about. In a multitude of case studies involving the latter question, researchers inquire about the effect of intuition upon everyday judgment calls in life and the work field.
“Think before acting!” From the time a child is born they are unknowingly told to think with their head before making a detrimental decision. “Our culture is replete with cognitive maxims like "look before you leap" and "think before you act" that suggest that one's impulses or intuitions tend to be deeply flawed” (Lieberman 109). There is this essential ideal that intuitional based thinking leads to “Suboptimal” decision making; of less than the highest standard or quality of thinking (Lieberman, 109). When this thinking process takes place there is a lack in the logical structure of informational processing in the neurological system. In terms of economics, there is no weighing of the cost and benefits of certain deliberations. Psychologists, Betsch and Glöckner, call this process “recognition heuristic” (Betsch and Glöckner 279). The idea, that people make decisions based upon recognition; when they are familiar with something they know, that option is favored as opposed to the unknown.
Everything has a background, a starting point in which a particularly event catalyzes the feeling of the moment. People acquire the capabilities to develop intuition based upon explicit and implicit learning experiences. Intuitions enable us to solve problems, take decisions, achieve insights and generate scientific discoveries and artistic creations. “80 to 95 percent of loosely structured time- pressured situations decision-makers rely on intuition rather than rational choice” (Klein 120). In an example provided in the book, Intuition at Work, the author delves into a story of two NICU nurses dealing with a infant child and how intuition tends to play a valuable role in their everyday jobs. They have to trust their gut when they feel as though a baby is not doing as well as he or she was a couple hours before. Though in the nurses’ cases it is shown that these intuitional skills are developed after working with children in particular health conditions for years. Their intuitional decision making, is a learned and highly skilled process. Nurses and most people of other professions in which lives are taken into concern, learn to blend the signals of intuition with the...

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