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If you have ever used the internet than you probably know that almost every website today asks for some type of your personal information. Today, identity theft is becoming more and more common. Websites used to promise more security for consumers, and today websites are no longer offering the same protection. With more and more people shopping online, criminals are gaining access to innocent shoppers’ identities easier than ever. Companies are using consumer information to help target the individual for sales of things they like. Many people are worried that these companies have gone too far and that the information is an invasion of privacy.
II. Analysis
Our class is centered on learning about the computer and how to use it. In class we learn how computers and technology can be very helpful. We should discuss some of the negative things that can come from using this technology, and I believe that is why this article relates directly to our class. The internet is not as safe as it once was. Before, websites would promise not to release consumers’ information, but today the very same websites are no longer making these promises. I believe this article relates to class because we have all been subjected to release some personal information to a website. Everyone should be aware that when we fill out the questions of our name and age that our information is being released to different companies, and people, all over the world.
The problem is not that other companies possess our names and age, but with some of these companies, they sometimes release our addresses and credit information. So what those other companies can send you things based on previous purchases? The problem is not with other companies, but when your information gets into the hands of a criminal, or even someone with the wrong intentions, your whole identity can be stolen, or worse you could be stalked. Everyone has heard the horror story of the woman, who was stalked and then murdered through her internet information. While this is a rare case, many crimes are committed through the internet.
The article states that you can go online and buy someone else’s credit cards for just a couple of dollars. It is a frightening reality of what can happen when you purchase online, even when you think you are being careful. Everyone needs to be cautious when using the internet and should minimize their online shopping. Today, with more and more users purchasing online, the volume of fraudulent activity occurring is increasingly. Along with fraud, these innocent customers are subjected to being stalked as some of these criminals can gain access to your billing...

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