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Dangers Of Invasive Species Essay

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There are many different animal species in the United States, but how many species are actually native to this country? This study is to identify the various types of invasive species in the United States and the many different countries from which they come. Not only have animal species come from different countries, but plants as well. This study concentrates on the damages said to have been caused by invasive species and the measures that the national and international governments are taking to solve this problem.
Animals that have been moved from one area to another area that they are not indigenous to are considered invasive or non-indigenous species. These species usually do damage to the environment by attacking crops, animals, and even humans. Some species are bio hazardous and impact the environment by spreading bacteria, viruses, and diseases.
The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, has taken extreme measures to make sure that whenever ships come in for trade, that extra luggage, being the organism, does not tag along. The EPA takes such measures because once an invasive species population gets started, it is almost impossible to control it; however, the start of a population takes time.
“An introduced species typically must survive at low population densities before it becomes invasive in a new location. At low population densities, reproduction and maintenance in a new location can be difficult: a species might go somewhere multiple times before establishing. Such repeated patterns of human movement as ships sailing to and from ports or cars driving up and down highways offer repeated opportunities for establishment (Wiki).”
Studies show that if an invasive species can out-compete a native species in its own environment, then the invasive species will take over causing a change in the environment. But the question is how do they end up all the way over here? For centuries, animals have been brought to the United States accidentally by humans. The species that do more harm than help are called nuisance species; these species are brought to the United States by accident on trade boats or any other means of human transportation.
Kudzu, the vine that ate the south, is an example of an invasive plant species. Back in the 30’s the US government paid farmers to plant this vine to control erosion. Kudzu, which can grow as fast as a foot a day, now covers up to 8 million acres of the south. When Kudzu starts growing it is almost impossible for it to stop. By introducing kudzu to the United States to decrease erosion, it led to other problems including deforestation and loss of habitat to animals. Now there are more environmental issues that have to be dealt with.
“The problem is that it just grows too well! The climate of the Southeastern U.S. is perfect for kudzu. The vines grow as much as a foot per day during summer months, climbing trees, power poles, and anything else they contact. Under ideal conditions kudzu vines can grow...

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