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Inventions And Advancements That Took Place During World War Ii

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Everything has changed, from the way leftover dinner scraps are saved to the way people dress today. Conservation, invention, and advancements that took place during World War II have shaped and affected lives around the world. Although most inventions during that time were made specifically for the war, they managed to find their way into mainstream life (Science). Like an infectious disease, technological advancements boomed and became contagious, spreading around the world. World War II has advanced technology, science, math, and medicine; and it has affected the lives of people now and in the 1940s more than any other war fought.
Radar made an enormous impact in the war. It used released radio signals to detect objects such as ships or airplanes that were far away. Because of this, it made surprise attacks and secret bombing missions nearly impossible. However, the Allies used the radar to their advantage. They would stage fake missions and drop small pieces of tinfoil instead of bombs. Their hope was to jam the enemy radars so that they could attack without being tracked. Radar signals also helped with navigation during the war (War 6). This made it easier for ship captains and airplane pilots to find and reach their destinations in a timely manner. Radar made World War II just a bit harder to overcome.
Not only did Radar impact the war, it also impacted everyday life. When Radar was created a navigation system called LORAN was created by Britain. LORAN was the start to today’s GPS system that is used by many. Now people use it on their phones, computers, and tablets, or they buy GPS systems. Where would today’s people be without it? Thanks to radar, most people know what they can do to find their way. Radar also was the start to tracking weather. With radar, Meteorologists could follow storms and make more accurate predictions of the upcoming weather (War 6). Without radar, people would be lost.
During World War II, scientists and physicists came together to work on and collaborate the Allies greatest weapon, the Atomic Bomb. The bomb was very complicated to make and required large amounts of time, effort, and a knowledge of physics. In order to ensure that the scientists got at least one bomb correct, they made them with different chemicals. For example, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima contained uranium and the bomb dropped on Nagasaki contained plutonium. Because of the enormity and danger of the bomb, many people said that science had lost its innocence and had become a military power (War 8).
The Atomic Bomb had enough power to completely demolish huge cities and kill nearly 95,000 people, so it wasn’t surprising when people started getting scared of possible nuclear explosions. On May 11, 1945, Oppenheimer sent a message to General Farrell explaining the possible effects and dangers brought on by the Atomic Bomb. In this message he wrote, “The active material in the bomb itself is toxic…..After detonation, highly radioactive...

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