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Inventory Management Essay

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Inventory Management
Inventory management is the first line of defense for a restaurant in keeping their customers safe and free of food borne illnesses. Also this is a cost effective measure to ensure that you are receiving exactly what the distributor promised you when you placed your order. There are numerous ways to implement safe receiving and storage procedures; as well as, understanding what you are getting. We will take a look at how inventory management is a vital asset to your restaurant and why it should not be taken lightly or overlooked.
When placing your order through your distributor you will have selected a required delivery date (RDD). This is the date that you tell the distributor that you want to receive your products. As we wait for our delivery we want to ensure that we have the right equipment in place to not only receive the shipment but to also inspect the shipment. Some of these items may consist of a pallet-dolly, gloves, thermometer, temperature log, order invoice, weight scale and most importantly someone who is trained in the proper receiving process. “Assure that persons responsible for receiving are properly trained. They must know and use the proper procedures and be able to identify the quality standards which have been incorporated into purchase specifications.” (Ninemeier 327)
As the delivery vehicle is backing up to our loading and unloading dock we ensure that we have all our required equipment and paperwork. Our knowledgeable employee who is receiving the order is checking for correct item, specified quantity, quality and food safety criteria. We start by comparing the order invoice from our restaurant to the delivery invoice from the supplier. Both invoices are identical now we make sure that those items are on the back of the truck. Secondly we are checking for the correct quantity. Orders placed by container, can, gallon, box, or package can be counted a little easier to count as you are only identifying the item by the specified quantities. If you ordered the product by the pounds then this is where your scale comes into play. You will need to weigh the product to ensure it meets the weight of what you ordered. Next we look at the quality of the products and the food safety aspects of the order which to me go hand in hand. Looking at the meats to ensure there is no discoloration. If the meat is supposed to be red but when you check it is brown the meat has begun to thaw or could be spoiled. Freezer burn or excess ice over meats usually mean that this product has been refrozen. Odor of the product is another give away. This will be a...

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