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Investigate And Find The Relationship Between Heat Loss (Of Water) And Surface Area To Volume Ratio Of Animals.

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To investigate the relationship between surface area : volume ratio and heat loss.INTRODUCTION:The aim of this experiment is to investigate and find the relationship between heat loss (of water) and surface area to volume ratio of animals. To investigate this, we are going to use three flasks of different volume (as the equivalent the animals) and thus different surface areas filled with water.BACKGROUND:Surface Area : Volume RatiosWe will be using the following formula for calculating SA:Vol ratios:SA : VolVol : Vol100ml flask = 115 : 100 = 1.15 : 1100 : 100250ml flask = 230 : 250 = 0.92 : 1250 : 250500ml flask = 330 : 500 = 0.66:1500 : 500The factors effecting heat loss:1.Energy Levels2.Climate / air temperature3.Mass / Size of the animal4.Temperature control levels within the animal5.Surface Area of the animal6.Circulatory System within the animal, eg doubleEXPERIMENT:Apparatus:·3x Clamp Stands·3x flasks (1x 100ml, 1x 250ml, 1x 500ml)·Thermometer (To measure the heat loss)·Stopwatch (To measure time intervals)·Water Heater (To keep the water hot before the experiment)Method:1.Water is going to be heated to a certain temperature in the water heater bath.2.We will then take the correct amount of water out of the bath and it will be placed in the corresponding flask, ie 100ml of water for the 100ml flask.3.This will be done for all the flasks, 100ml, 250ml and 500ml flasks.4.The flasks will be placed in a retort stand so that there is no heat loss via conduction from touching the bench.5.The flasks top will be sealed with a plastic bung, with a thermometer going through it into the center of the water.6.A reading of the temperature will be taken at two-minute intervals for ten minutes.7.The readings will be noted on a table of results.8.The whole experiment will be repeated again to get a better set of average results.The experiment will occur as follows:Prediction:I predict that the rate of heat loss of the water in the 100ml flask will be quicker than that of the 250ml flask and almost twice that of the 500ml flask. This prediction is due to the fact that the 100ml flask has a surface area almost double that of the 500ml flask, for example I predict that if the 100ml flask losses 1 degree C per minute then the 500ml flask will loose half that, ½ degree C per minute.Animals with large surface area to volume ratios, for example a koala bear found in Australia need this large surface area to volume ratio as so that they can cool of quickly in hot climates. The opposite is true for animals living in cooler climates such as polar bears in the Artic, have small surface area to volume ratio in order to preserve heat - also they have fur to trap warm air particles close to their skin however we are not investigating this factor.These basic facts are how I came to find my prediction, as well as scientific knowledge found in the 'GCSE Biology' textbook.Fair Test:In order to create a fair experiment the following...

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