Investigate The Way Love Is Presented By Three Different Poets In At Least Two Different Historical Periods

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Investigate the way love is presented by three different poets in at least two different historical periodsThe three poems chosen for this essay where The Sunne Rising by John Donne which was written in the early 1600's with the best guess being around 1603, Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare written in the same time period around 1600 and the modern poem Reminders by Geoff Goodfellow written in the late 1990's. All three poems focus on love from the poets prospective circulating around different subjects the poets decided to base their poem on. It is important to state that the views represented in this essay on the way love has been interpreted by the poets are my own interpretations and influenced by my own feelings on the subject.Sonnet 116, The Sunne Rising and Reminders are all love poems however the poems subject matters and meanings are very different. Sonnet 116 is about love in its most idealistic form. It glorifies lovers who have come together through their own resolve and entered into a relationship based on trust and understanding alone. The Sunne Rising written in the same time period is an eccentric poem for its time. It is arrogant and full of conceit as he glorifies himself and his lover 'She is all states, and all Princes, I, Nothing else is' implying he and his lover are every country, every where placing them in a status above Kings. The poem itself is about the legitimacy of the suns authority over the two lovers. Reminders unlike the previous two poems is modern, written in the late 1990's. It portrays the struggle of the poet as he is faced with the reality that his lover has left him as he finds all her little physical marks she left behind. The three poems are about completely different issues with Sonnet 116 focusing on the strength of true love, The Sunne Rising on the suns right to impose itself upon the two lovers and Reminders on the poet finding all the little things left behind by his lover. The only meaning these three poems have in common is there focus on love.The views on love in all three poems differ, however even more so for Reminders of which focuses on a more sexual modern view on love found in a short term relationship compared to the more traditional views of the two poems written in the early 1600's. Sonnet 116 looks at an idealistic form of love that is strong, noble and everlasting of which is typical in most Shakespearian poetry. The Sunne Rising has a very romantic, erotic view on love and even though it still portrays a view of the traditional idealistic values it implies ecstasy and a more sexual intimate side of love as well. 'Must to they motions lovers season runs ' This line is asking why must the sun govern when love 'intimacy or sexual encounter' takes place. It implies sexual conduct and in many other of John Donne's work in his early career a more sexual view on love is portrayed frequently. In the poem Reminders a very modern view of love is expressed. In this poem a short term...

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