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Light and dark have controlled our universe since the beginning of time. Rust Cohle’s last line in the series, True Detective, created Nic Pizzolatto and directed by Cary Fukunaga describes the series as a whole. Everyone has a dark part of their life at one point or another, but they “see light” in a sense, usually with a life-changing event. This can be applied to both Rust’s life as well as his partners, Marty Hart and the relationship that they had with one another. Instead of it being just about the sky and the darkness of the universe as Cohle and Marty were discussing, it is more about how “over the course of some of the largest events of their life are forced to reckon with them in ...view middle of the document...

It became clear quite suddenly that we could do it in a oner” (Fukanga). The director of all eight episodes of the series chose to shoot Rust running through the projects with another man who could have had vital information for them. At the end of the sequence, Marty had to pull up his car at the exact moment that Rust had come out of yard and into the street. In the scene, the viewer is seeing and hearing everything that is going on within the setting. By not adding any cuts, it gave the scene a more intense feel, like the viewer was moving through the obstacles that Rust had to face. According to the director, shooting the scene was “exhausting, at least for everyone but Woody. He was just stuck in his car most of the night, waiting to pull up and screech” (Fukanga).
Most television shows are shot on sets to capture the exact vision of the director as well as other aspects such as lighting, budget and not having to deal with Mother Nature. This show took the complete opposite direction. Filming in Louisiana where grasslands and swamps can go on forever gave a haunting feeling to the viewer, a perfect backdrop for a mass murder investigation. The on-set setting included “omnipresent oil distilleries, a spectral cityscape forever on a distant horizon” (Young). In every episode, the scenery was captured when Marty and Rust were driving through the neighborhoods of Louisiana or at the beginning and end of the episodes. The director “opens many of the scenes with long aerial shots overlooking the marshy vistas of Louisiana like an illusionist pulling up his sleeves to convince the audience he has nothing to hide” (Yeoman). The long shots give the illusion that the location is never-ending. Because Marty and Rust kept hitting a bump in the murder investigation, it felt like it was a slow, never-ending plot. This was the same with the long grasslands that seemed to go on for miles on end. It also did seem like the director didn’t have anything to hide....

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