Investigating Different Aspects Of Advertising Essay

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Investigating Different Aspects of Advertising

Everywhere we look we see advertisements. When we walk down the
streets adverts are constantly attracting us, trying to get us to look
at them whether we know it or not. By time you are sixty you will
have been exposed to roughly 50 million adverts. Your average high
street contains hundreds of different adverts. These are all designed
to make us but their brands products. Designers of advertising may
spend weeks or months designing a single advert to make it more
appealing to the market at which they are aiming. These advertisements
can be seen on the television, can be heard on the radio, printed in
the newspaper, on the Internet, stuck on walls and even used on

Everyday new ways of advertising are dreamt up all trying to do the
same job, transfix the right product image onto our minds. Nike,
MacDonald’s, Microsoft are a few examples of companies that spend
substantial amounts of money on advertising. This is known as
Globalisation. Many of these types of companies are taking over
smaller brands are springing up everywhere. If we take Nike as an
example, during 1987 Nike spent just 40 million dollars on
advertising. In just ten years this increased by more than ten times,
to almost 500 million dollars. This then doubled in 4 years to almost
1 billion dollars in 2001. These companies are willing to pay vast
amount of money to get their brand recognised everywhere.

It seems that no matter how low the prices of smaller companies
become, people still opt for the pricier option of the better-known
brand. This is because people are willing to pay more for a
better-known brand because of what is associated with the brand logo.
It is the customer’s emotional investment in the product. The people
behind all the money spending are doing it for a good reason. The most
successful companies are generally the ones that spend the money on
advertisings whether or not they are the best products. Without
advertising a product would fail to sell or do well. The main reason
for advertising is competition. Without competition there would be no
need for advertising. In this essay we will discuss the various
techniques used by advertisers to promote their product.

Techniques used

Advertisers use several techniques in order to make their product more
appealing to their target audience. They attempt to make the
customer, you and I, feel like we want their product and cannot live
without it.

There are two levels on which advertisements appeal to us:

The denotation level: the obvious meaning that appeals to our rational

The connotation level: the level that is beneath the surface, which
appeals to our emotional side and acts on our subconscious.

Advertisers use three main subject areas on...

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