Researching Global Warming With The Vegetation Canopy Lidar Mission

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Since the beginning of time, human activities that have been altering the Earth and its atmosphere have caused the earth to warm by about one degree Fahrenheit since the late 19th century. Whether these activities were essential or superfluous, the effects on and surrounding Earth are multitudinous. For example, a warmer Earth could lead to the spread of diseases, melting polar ice caps, receding glaciers, and a change in precipitation patterns (Gay 21). Recently, scientists have concluded that this shift of climate due to the buildup of greenhouse gases, in part, might be accredited to the popular practice of deforestation. Because human activities have altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere, scientists have developed laser-based sensors to map the structure of vegetation in the world's forests.
Some naturally occurring greenhouse gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone are released into the atmosphere through the normal methods of burning fuel and transporting coal (McCuen 15). Certain human activities add to the levels of these naturally occurring gases. Greenhouse gases that are not naturally occurring are called chlorofluorocarbon, hydroflurocarbons, and perfluorocarbons. These are generated by industrial processes ("Global Warming" 1). Scientists believe that deforestation is a major contributor acting to increase or decrease carbon into the atmosphere, in turn, potentially accelerating or inhibiting global warming. To date, scientists can only postulate how much carbon dioxide is being emitted into the air from the cutting down of forests. Therefore, scientists have developed a laser-based sensor to determine this mystery.
Ground based LIDAR systems were introduced in the early 1960s, and were used to monitor the ozone and upper atmosphere. Then in the 1970s, airborne LIDAR devices were developed to extend local views to regional scales (Roach 2). The first space-borne LIDAR, which provided the first detailed global profiles of the multi-layered structure of clouds, flew aboard NASA's space shuttle in 1994. Today, the Vegetation Canopy LIDAR Mission, led by Dr. Ralph Dubayah of the University of Maryland, will be the first launching of a light detection and ranging (LIDAR) device on a satellite to provide scientists with a look at Earth's environment. This launching will be known as the Vegetation Canopy LIDAR Mission (Isbell 1). The Vegetation Canopy LIDAR Mission will allow scientists to assess a total inventory of how much carbon is in the world's forests (Higgins and Roach 1). Obtaining an inventory of the vertical structure of forests across Earth's surface is possible because the Vegetation Canopy LIDAR Mission will map in three dimensional format the "direct measurement of tree heights, forest canopy structure, and derived parameters such as global biomass with at least ten times better accuracy than existing assessments" (Isbell 1). Such information will...

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