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Investigating How The Presentation Of An Advertisement Target Its Audience

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Investigating How the Presentation of an Advertisement Target Its Audience

Advertisements are basically a way of communicating with the consumer.
Companies thrive on the effectiveness of their advertisements as they
need to be attractive in order to entice the public into reading them
thus enticing them into buying a product. In advertisements, companies
always make their product sound phenomenal and make it out to be the
best. Also, usually in beauty or food advertisements, the product is
enhanced even more by scientific jargon e.g. amino peptide complex,
bifidus digestivum and zinc formula all pop up in certain
advertisements. Advertising agencies use this to make their product
sound sophisticated, complex and to baffle the consumer into thinking
that the product is some scientific innovation that will improve their
life one hundred percent. Consumers fall into this trap and this is
how the industry thrives, through aspiration and disappointment.

Lighting and digital imagery also play a vital part in the fight to
win custom from consumers. Up lighting on a dark background for
example would make certain products slightly shadowed and secretive,
thus, subliminally invoking the basic human instinct of curiosity.
However, conversely certain down lit products could look warm,
attractive and inviting. Photographers would use down lighting in
order to give products implications of luxury and comfort, or in a
food advert to make ice cream or another frozen desert shimmer and to
look as if radiating light.

Advertisements spring up in everyday life, on advertisement boards, on
bus shelters, in shop windows and so on. We are subconsciously
processing everything we see and this is what advertisers play on.
Lots of red is usually used in adverts as this is the first colour the
retina transmits. Digital effects are usually used to improve images
making them look practically perfect and also different colour schemes
and images are used to capture the right target audience.

I have chosen to analyse two contrasting food advertisements. These
are the “Hello Mr Chips” Hellman’s Mayonnaise and the Grove Fresh
Organic Juice Co. adverts. I have chosen these adverts because they
both employ different media techniques. For example, The Hellman’s
Mayonnaise advert relies on photography and soft-focus. Whereas the
Grove Fresh advert relies mainly on computer generated imagery (CGI).

The Grove Fresh advert is rather simple and “to the point.” Because of
this it uses a scarce amount of copy and it does not use the classical
technique of a close up shot of the product, taking up most of the
page. The main feature of this advertisement is a computer generated
image of the text “Fruit Juice Now Available in Non-Pesticide Flavour”
arranged in such a way and given the texture of orange skin that it

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