Investigating Insulation Essay

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Investigating Insulation

Aim: To find out what type of insulation holds the most heat for a can
containing heated water.


What factors will you be changing? The types of insulation

For what factor will you be recording readings? The temperaturelost

What equipment will you use to measure this factor? A thermometer

What factors will you keep constant to make it a fair test? Explain
how you will keep each of these factors constant.

I will be keeping the starting temperature the same. I could maintain
this by using a thermometer at the start of every experiment to keep
the temperature the same. I will also use the same volume of water.
This will be achieved by using a measuring cylinder to measure the
amount of water. I will also keep the intervals and the length of the
experiment the same. This will be achieved by using a stopwatch to
read the time.


* Thermometer

* Bubble wrap

* Elastic band

* Cotton wool

* 4 cans

* goggles

* measuring cylinder

* stopwatch

* gloves

Prediction/ hypothesis (next page)

I think the can with the cotton wool with the lid will be the best
insulator for the can because the cotton fibers trap more air than the
bubble wrap. This is because air is a good insulator of heat, and
cotton wool traps more air than the bubble wrap, and therefore cotton
wool with the lid will be the best insulator. The lid will also trap
the heat transmitted by convection currents. The lid will trap these
convection currents, and therefore the heat will stay in. The ways
heat is lost are conduction and convection. Heat is lost through the
sides of the an, which is called conduction. Conduction is when
particles have lots of thermal energy which turns into kinetic energy
(this is also why I now predict that the hotter the water will be, the
quicker the heat is lost). This then makes the particles vibrate a
lot, which collides with other particles, moving the heat along. This
is called conduction. Convection is when the particles have lots of
heat to rise, and then they...

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