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Investigating Students' Measuring Skills Essay

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Investigating Students' Measuring Skills I have decided to test a group of pupils in order to investigate if
there is a difference in ability to estimate the size of an angle and
the length of a line. The factors that can be looked at are as
follows: -

· Set

· Gender

· Location of line / angle

In order to test all these factors I will need a range of pupils
selected at random from a range of sets. I have decided that 18
pupils, selected from three sets will be appropriate for my
investigation. I will select 6 pupils, three male and three female,
from sets 1, 3 and 5. The quota of eighteen pupils I will use from the
sets will give me an appropriate, representative sample.

Since there are three different ability sets of pupils (sets 1, 3, and
5) that are to be tested, with a wide gap between them I should be
able to see clearly from any graphs and tables I draw any results
trends or patterns which may suggest that the intelligence of a pupil
does affect there ability to estimate the length of a line and the
size of an angle.

I have selected an even number of male and female subjects for my
investigation with the same number from each ability set of pupils,
using this information and results I collect I should be able to draw
conclusions upon whether the sex of a pupil determines there ability
to estimate the length of a line and the size of an angle.

I aim to also see if the location of the line or angle determines a
person's ability to estimate the length of a line or size of the
angle. I propose to do this by placing various lines and angles within
shapes, i.e. is it easier to estimate the circumference of a circle or
the length of a straight line, to see if this deceives the test
subject or makes it easier.

In order to carry out my investigation I will have to prepare a test
sheet of various angles and lines to present to each of the pupils in
each of the sets. I will also require a results table in order to
record my findings. I have decided that five different lines and five
different angles would be sufficient to draw suitable conclusions
from, for testing whether the location of the line or angle determines
how easy it is for the pupils to estimate them. The five lines I will
use will be: -

· A straight line

· One side of a triangle

· A randomly shaped line

· A circle

· A zigzag line.

I think that these lines will be sufficient enough to be tested. The
variety of lines will help me later with making conclusions about the


I believe that the lower down the set the person is in the less
accurate there guesses as to the length of the line or the size of the
angle will be. I think this as people in the higher sets are more

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