Investigating The Benefits Of Accessing To Pre School Before Attending Primary School: A Case Study Of Bridgeton School In Phnom Penh

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Pre-school is the school that provides pupils to learn the pre-basic. Especially, the high quality standard of pre-school can offer pupils to develop their language and skills. Little kids who can talk and walk can attend to pre-school by their parents. Most of them are from the year of three to five. Pre-school has various benefits to pupils. However, pre-school also have its affection to pupils. Thus, we divide our literature review into two to points – the benefits of pre-school and the effective of pre-school.
The benefits of pre-school
After pupils attended to pre-school, they have enough ability to grow their characters and behaviors in their level. Many benefits that pupils can encourage themselves like social development, intelligent ability, feeling growth, language practice, and physical expansion. These benefits will lead pupils to be enhanced for their next school. Furthermore, only standard quality pre-school can provide such of benefits to pupils. ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, pre-school plays important role for pay pupil’s gratitude to gain their social develop. They stay together with other pupils. Especially, they start work in a team by sharing their expression. Moreover, they might start to care each other if they have problems. Sometime, if they don’t agree other expression, they will raise and work out together like a family. When they try to know well each other day by day, they will develop their social development effectively.
After we pupils gain their social development, intellectual development also go along. Both of these help pupils to increase their idea. Otherwise, they also can make problem solving. Above and beyond, playing together can create choices, and they have ability to study in the natural ways. Thus, through intellectual development, they can grow their thinking. Moreover, they also improve their creativity according to intellectual development. Pre-math and pre-reading skills also take place in pre-school. They start to learn number and consider which numbers are smaller and which numbers are bigger. Hence they are provided to reader the letter and number also.
Subsequently, they can improve social and intellectual development. They continue to go through by knowing their feelings. This is called the emotional development. Pupils can considered pre-school is the second home beside their home. They trust that pre-school can give take care of them and give them a warm feeling like their parents do. If they away from home, they also treat pre-school is their second home. They can grow other skills like live independently and self-helping skill. Stay independently like they have right to play with other pupils or do whatever they want to do but under control of pre-school.
Besides these, language development can provide communication skill by using words, phrases, and sentence. By using the language, they study the way of listen, pre-reading, pre-writing skills. Furthermore, they can be able to practice non-verbal language by using communication. More than these, they study of how to show themselves to other by using words from what they have learnt. Especially, most of standard quality pre-schools are using English as the main language because English is the standard for pupils to learn.

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