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Investigating The Implementation Of An Electronic Document Management System (Edms) In The Swaziland Ministry Of Education And Training (Moe

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1. Introduction
The management of documents in the past has been a great issue for many organizations because of the use of paper-based systems to manage them which led to a great loss of valuable information. The introduction of Information Technology (IT) in organizations brought the idea of an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for proper management of large volumes of documents. Sprague (1995) defines EDMS as the application of technology to save paper documents, speed up communications and increase the productivity of business processes. The system is capable of creating, processing, storing and retrieving digital documents in an organization’s workflow. EDMS emerged in the mid-1990s and has now developed into the accepted approach to managing electronic documents in business (Borglund, 2007).

An EDMS tries to solve the pitfalls of traditional paper systems by reducing costs for buying files, cabinets and folders to increase the productivity of business processes. Tibiyo Taka Ngwane is an example of a company in Swaziland using an EDMS to curb flaws of paper work. Yu et al. (2010) found that EDMS benefit organizations in that they can easily access, process, handle, standardize, retrieve and manage external and internal information in a secure and stable environment. However, the system is costly to implement for organizations with less budgets. According to Alberto et al. (2009), EDMS documents are stored in a single storage area resulting into slow searching and retrieval of documents and are costly to implement.

The Swaziland Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) is a ministry under the Government of Swaziland providing access to relevant quality education at all levels to all Swazi citizens. The ministry uses a traditional paper filing system to store students’ files containing documents in folders and nested within other folders which are stored in filing cabinets.
2. Problem Statement
The MOET collects on annual basis statistical information of students from lower level to higher level of education to be used by the planning department in order to allocate resources accordingly. The main problem is that there is a bulk of papers containing the relevant information collected annually which is continually lost due to mismanagement of papers and the current system’s inefficiency. Students are forced to recreate their documents due to the loss of their files from the filing cabinets which inconvenience them and the stationary used is too costly.

The system also takes a larger storage space as paper is by nature physical. Paper based system make collaboration with other ministries or departments difficult as the ministry work jointly with other ministries to process the students’ information. This research will investigate the implementation of an EDMS in the ministry to curb the problems of the current system used.

3. Research Motivation
The motivation behind this research topic is driven by the ever increasing...

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