Investigating The Relationship Between The Amount Of Money A Football Club Receives And Its Success

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Investigating the Relationship Between the Amount of Money a Football Club Receives and its Success

In this investigation, I will look at a set of statistics for English
football clubs for the 1998 - 1999 season. Using these, I will look at
how the amount of money a football club receives affects its success.

Measuring 'success'

It is difficult to measure success, as there is no numerical way to
quantify it. In my investigation, I will look at success in terms of
achievements on the pitch as opposed to the success of the club as a
business. I will measure success by looking at the relationship
between money and three factors. These are:

* League Position - This is a measure of the club's 'success' as the
better the team performs, the higher the league position.

* Goal Difference - This is calculated by total goals scored minus
total goals conceded. This is a measure of the team's success as
the better the team performs, the greater the goals scored and the
less the goals conceded, thus the greater the goal difference.

* Stadium Capacity - This can be considered as measure of success.
It can be argued that the more successful a team is, the better
supported it will be and thus the greater the stadium capacity in
order to accommodate more fans. It is important to note that this
factor is not as significant a measure of 'success' that the other
2 factors as there could well be exceptions to the above argument.
E.g. a successful and well-supported team could play in a very
small stadium if the stadium was in a built up area where there
was no space to enlarge it.

I will investigate the following statement:

The more money a football club receives the more successful it is on
the pitch

With the above factors in mind, the statement can be split up into 3

* The more money a football club receives the higher its league

* The more money a football club receives the greater its goal

* The more money a football club receives the greater its stadium

I expect to find the more money a football club receives the more
successful it is. This is because clubs with more money are able to
pay higher transfer fees for better players and are able to employ
better coaches.

The data I am using for this project provides a considerable amount of
information about each club. Not all of this information is relevant
to my investigation. The information about each club that I require

Name of club

League position

Goal difference

Stadium capacity

Money received from football trust

The information will come from statistics...

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