Investigating The Solubility Of Table Salt In Distilled Water At Different Temperatures

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Investigating the Solubility of Table Salt in Distilled Water at Different Temperatures
The aim of this essay is to explain and discuss the drug cannabis and
its effects in relation to biochemical, behavioural and psychological
factors. The introduction will outline a brief history relating to
the drug and include both the medicinal and recreational purposes of
its use. The main discussion will explain how the drug chemistry
affects the nervous system emphasising what neurotransmitter is
effected and also what behavioural and psychological implications this
has on the user. Finally I will conclude by summarising the main
points of the discussion outlining both the long and short term
overall effects of cannabis, evaluating what the relative costs and
benefits are to the user.

Cannabis, commonly known as Marijuana is a member of the Cannabinaceae
originating from the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa). It is described
as a naturally grown erect, bushy herb plant with saw toothed leaves
and fluted stalks ranging in height from three feet to twenty five
feet approximately. Cannabis is available in three main forms, as a
dried herb (usually known as grass), as a resin (usually known as hash
or hashish) that is extracted from the buds and flower heads and as a
sticky liquid (hash oil) which is prepared from the resin.

The exact origins of cannabis have never been clearly defined; however
the wild version is believed to have originated in Central Asia.
Historians believe that it was one of the first crops to be cultivated
by man for its fibre, and the ancient Chinese are believed to have
been especially adept at is cultivation in using the hemp fibres to
make textiles, fishing nets, ropes and mats. It is the male part of
the plant that produces the tough fibres from which hemp cloth and
rope is made and the female that generates the sticky aromatic resins
of the plant.

The whereabouts of cannabis is thought to have reached Europe by 600
BC, following which during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I its
cultivation spread at a great rate in the British Isles, it became law
that if you owned more than a certain amount of land some of it had to
be set aside to grow cannabis. During the 18th Century George
Washington actually owned and grew his own plantation and smoked
cannabis on a regular basis. However, after the turn of the 1st
Century under the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, it was a serious
offence to grow cannabis resulting in anything up to a fourteen year
prison sentence. (

Up until 1937 Cannabis was legal in the United States for uses in
industry, recreation and medicine. Presently Cannabis Sativa has four
medicinal values. Firstly it is used to relieve nausea and stimulate
the increase...

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