Investigating The Temperature At Which Soap Powder Will Perform Best At

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Investigating the Temperature at Which Soap Powder Will Perform Best At


I am going to conduct an experiment in the controlled environment of a
laboratory. The experiment will consist of placing a stained piece of
fabric into water with a fixed concentration of a biological washing
powder (Wizzo) in it. I will try this experiment several times trying
different temperatured water and leaving the it for a fixed period of
time to find the best possible temperature that the Wizzo works at.

Plan: Enzymes

Biological washing powder has bin around for many years to clean
clothes more efficiently. We know washing powder helps in the cleaning
process because it contains enzymes. Previous experiments have found
that the enzymes break down larger dirt molecules into smaller dirt
molecules. Therefore speeding up the process of cleaning clothes
(catalyse) as the water can wash them away quicker.

Another example of enzymes is the digestive system in the human body.
Enzymes called protease are produced by the stomach, the pancreas and
the small intestine. These enzymes catalyse the break down of fatty
acids into amino acids. These enzymes work best at 37 degrees celsius
whcih is body temperature.

Formalahdehyde is the enzyme which is commonly found in biological
washing powder. The enzymes break down the dirt molecules in clothes
into smaller dirt molecules thus making it easier for the water to
clean away. I will determine at what temperature the enzymes in the
Wizzo best perform at, which is the point of my experiment.


I predict that 40 degress celcious will be the most effective at
cleaning the stained fabric as my research into enymes showed that
other enzymes (protease in the human body) worked best around that
temperature. Although comparing enzymes in the human body to enzymes
of a biological washing powder seems outlandish but the experiment
will prove or disprove my hypothesis to see if these enzymes have

Chris Regan

Method: Safety

To ensure that I am safe through out the experiment I will be taking
various precautions. I will be wearing a lab coatand eye protection. I
will be aware of others working around me and considerate of thier

Method: Plan

I am going to pay particular attention to the variables to obtain
precise results. I will ensure that each stained piece of fabric stays
in the solution of Wizzo for the exact amount of time so I will be
using a stop clock to measure. I have chosen to leave each stained
fabris in the solution for five minutes to allow time for the enzymes
to react.

I will also be using the same ammount of the Wizzo/water solution. I
am using 100% water and 1% Wizzo to try and simulate the same
concentration in proportion to a regular wash in a washing machine. I

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