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Investigation Essay

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When you think of criminal investigators many people think about the FBI or the CIA. My main job focus is on being in the FBI. My personal goals is to find what specifically is needed and what exactly a FBI agent or criminal investigators do. You need good communication skills and a little bit of science which I do pretty good on.
Henry Holden says "Since it's earliest day the FBI has been involved in issues and
controversies.” Here is some more history on how it started. They started a “Ten Most Wanted List”. Usama Bin Laden was #1 on the list for a long time. The first “10 Most Fugitives List" was started in 1950. Around 449 of 478 on the 10 most wanted list have been located or ...view middle of the document...

The FBI will require you to attend other conference workshops and educational programs.
The nature of work isn’t always easy. People of the FBI investigate little things such as robbers to big things just like airplane bombings. They also investigate a great number of kidnappings. Here is just a list of things that you should be good at doing:
Getting information, making decisions and solving problems, identify events, working directly for the public, writing down important info, communication with others, determining what evidence you have with your information, and processing the info.
Specific duties include interviewing people to gather information, searching records to uncover clues, conducting surveillance, collecting evidence to present in court, verifying employment, income, and other facts about a person, and investigating computer crimes and information theft.
You must be able to have some problem sensitivity. Always be ready to give speeches to others on the information you find. Have good written comprehension. Have near vision so you can find clues and evidence. Knowledge is the key to success. A person who wants to be able to be in the FBI should have good knowledge on English, Laws and government, public safety, psychology, and lastly human resources.
To be in the FBI you must have many of these work styles: Integrity, Stress Tolerance, Self Control, Dependability, Attention to Detail, Cooperation, Initiative, Concern for others, Flexibility, and finally Leadership.
There aren’t a lot of working demands. But a few include to get in shape. sort of like you were a cop. You could do some running and lots of other trying to catch a victim. but when you get into shape, you have to stay in shape. You either need to or learn to work well with other people. One last important detail about being an agent or just working in the FBI is that you must honor the constitution.
Some more background information is that the FBI headquarters are located on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House which is obviously located in Washington D.C.
More duties include conducting surveillance.You need to be mindful of the law so you don't cross any illegal lines that would get the whole FBI into trouble.
Everyone working at the FBI needs to be ready to go undercover.Be able to use various devices such as cameras.Gathering info on person of interests before other people who work their and who are investigating the case.
After you think you are past your prime and its time to retire, you're probably gonna be very young. Special agents must retire after the age of 57. You can kinda guess why considering you need to be physically fit.
Some information about the job is that there are 30,430 people serving in the FBI. 12,515 happen to be special agents, 17,915 are support personnel, and 8,000 work at the Agency’s headquarters. According to the ASVAB Career Exploration “FBI employees make anywhere from $39,000 to $123,000”.
If you are really wondering...

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