Investigation Into Resistance Of A Wire (Contains Spaces For Diagrams).

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CourseworkAn Investigation Into The Resistance of different lengths of wireIntro In my coursework I intend to determine the relationship between resistance of a circuit and the length of a piece of wire.PlanningPlanning 1: Preliminary Work:I performed preliminary work to evaluate what voltage I was going to use for my proper experiment. The apparatus I will use for the preliminary is the same as I intend to use for my experiment, that is;· A 1000mm length of wire attached to a 1000mm ruler using a non conductive adhesive· 2* Multimeters· 5* Insulated wire connectors with corresponding 2*Crocodile clips.· 1* Power pack with an available output voltage of above 1v.The disadvantage of using the same apparatus for both experiments (preliminary and main) is that the wire degrades after use forming a layer of oxide over the wire which makes it difficult to connect on the crocodile clips due to the oxide not being conductive. The way to remove it is to sand it off, but removing the oxide, and indeed inevitably part of the metal, will make the wire thinner, thus increasing the resistance of the wire. So I will be careful when removing any oxide residue. The advantage of using the same apparatus consistently is that I will avoid having differences in the results by way of inaccuracies in the measuring equipment, resistance differences of the wire etc. This gives 2 immediate advantages, firstly using results from a preliminary experiment e.g. using a thick wire and choosing 1.0V could be a mistake if I then went on to use a thin wire in my experiment and cause a fire with 1.0V. The second is that I will be able to compare the results I get in my proper experiment to the ones that I got in my preliminary work and be able to tell, if the results differ massively, that I was going wrong.The two voltage inputs I evaluated are 0.5V and 1.0V. I measured the current flowing through the wire at 2 different lengths; 500mm and 1000mm. I connected the crocodile clips at those given lengths to the wire and read the current readings, at the two different voltages given.These are the results I collated from my preliminary work;Voltage (V) Length of Wire (mm) Current (mA) Resistance (W) Signs of Danger e.g. fire.1.0 1000 99.4 10.06036 Negative1.0 500 108.2 9.242144 Negative0.5 1000 52.0 9.615385 Negative0.5 500 59.0 8.474576 NegativeI decided to collect the results in the order of what I predicted to be the higher resistances and so the higher temperatures of my first experiments will go first where the temperature gradient will be largest so they will cool down at a faster rate when going first. This will reduce the chance of a fire. Diagram of my preliminary apparatusMy results show that the larger the voltage of the wire the larger the current....

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1064 words - 4 pages A. PlanningPlan of the method to be used: -The resistivity of nichrome can be determined using the equation ??=?RA/LWhere:R:- Is the resistance of the wire in ?"ohms" and can be determined using the equation R=V/I where "V" is voltage in volts and "I" is current inamperes.L:- Is the length of the nichrome wire used in metres.A:- Is the cross-sectional area of the wire in metres square and can be determined using the equation A= ??d2 where "d" is

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1216 words - 5 pages means more energy is needed for the current to pass through the wire. Resistance is a measure of how much energy is needed to push the current through something.Resistance occurs when the electrons travelling along the wire collide with the atoms of the wire. These collisions slow down the flow of electrons causing resistance.THE FOUR FACTORS THAT AFFECT THE RESISTNCE OF A WIRE ARE:1. LENGTH OF WIRE2. THICKNESS OF WIRE3. TEMPERATURE4. TYPE OF

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798 words - 3 pages carry out my experiment I will start with a metre ruler and a piece of Nichrome wire taped at each ends. I will set up a circuit like the one below and I will put a power supply on 2 Volts so that the wire will remain cool and keep the test fair. I will range my measurements from 10cm to 100cm going up in lots of 10cm as this will give my a good indication of the resistance in a wire. I will not do it every 1cm or 5cm as the clips are 4mm wide so

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1551 words - 6 pages 2100.520.89200.961.77301.402.70401.863.55502.294.31602.765.26703.266.17803.676.98904.368.221004.579.04ConclusionsHaving performed the investigation, the following conclusions were drawn:As predicted, an increase in length resulted in an increased resistance. This can be clearly said for both wires tested.Both wires show a strong trend of a straight line, i.e. the length of the wire is shown to be directly proportional to the resistance - double the length and the resistance doubles.The overall

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1564 words - 6 pages moved to the next position. The above steps are completed for each length and then the entire investigation is repeated for accuracy. Rough Trials In order to decide upon the voltage and lengths of wire to use in the final experiment, the following rough trials were carried out: At 3V: Length (cm) Voltage (V) Current (A) Resistance (W) (to 2 d.p.) 10 0.41 0.90 0.46 20 0.51 0.57 0.89 30 0.56 0.42 1.33 40 0.60 0.32 1.88 50 0.63