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Investigation Of How Mark Shows The Difference Between Jesus And The Pharisees Over The Observance Of The Sabbath

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Investigation of How Mark Shows the Difference Between Jesus and the Pharisees Over the Observance of the Sabbath

Jesus and the Pharisees face each other and test each others'
religious and spiritual knowledge and understanding regularly in
Mark's gospel. These common conflicts brought emphasis to just how
much Jesus knew about God's opinions of the Sabbath in comparison to
the Pharisees. On many occasions he even outsmarted the great teachers
of the law. Jesus was constantly the first to be confronted by the
Pharisees but always the one to make the last point, because as much
as they tried the Pharisees could never beat Jesus in a test of
spiritual and religious knowledge. However, they persisted in their
pursuit of finding faults in every little action Jesus performed. We
can understand more about the Sabbath if we find out its original
meaning and why this certain day has been seen as a holy day for all

The word 'Sabbath' means to cease or break off from work, it is the
day of rest. 'Shabbat' is the Jewish term for Sabbath and is their day
of worship. The Sabbath is the seventh and last day of the week, which
God blessed and made holy. The Jews interpreted it as the day of rest
because that is what was done by God on the day. It was also a holy
day of worship because it was made holy and, was a reminder of the
great workings of God. In the Old Testament, the Sabbath is described
as the seventh day, when God has completed the creation of the
universe, because of this ''he blessed the seventh day and set it
apart as a special day''. Genesis 2:1-3.

Jesus was raised as a normal Jewish child, but as a man his divinity
was recognised by many, and he began to develop his own opinions on
the Jewish laws from what he thought or knew God would think about
certain things. However, the Pharisees were brought up in a completely
different way because of this, their opinions and interpretation about
Jewish life were different to his. I will now provide some information
surrounding the Pharisees:

The word Pharisee means 'separated one'. I assume that this was the
name issued to them due to the fact that they thought so highly of
themselves that they were separated from the rest of society. They
considered themselves superior to the other Jews, because of their
knowledge on the Holy Scriptures. They became almost like teachers to
the public due to their knowledge, as people were to come to them for
advice since they assumed that the scriptures had solutions to all of
their problems. Many people became dependant on the Pharisees
religious guidance which made them powerful and a significant group of
people. I believe that their abilities made some of the Pharisees
overconfident, self-centred and 'big-headed'.

The Pharisees came from among wealthy business people and merchants.

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