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Investigation Of Jack The Ripper Essay

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Investigation of Jack the Ripper

Jack the ripper was an unknown serial killer, he kept his true
identity a secret from the world. Many people today see Jack the
Ripper as a mystery which will never be solved. People have tried for
many years to find out the mystery of Jack the Ripper but can not and
will not succeed. The fact that no one knows the identity of him keeps
the mystery of the unknown killer alive. It will stay a mystery
forever, all we know is that he was the killer of five women and the
alleged murderer of eleven women. There were twenty seven suspects who
were accused of being Jack the Ripper, these men were, Prince Albert
Victor Christian Edward (known as "Eddy" to his friends) is one of the
most famous suspects in the Jack the Ripper case, over the years,
different versions of his personality, mental stability, and manner of
death have appeared. Prince Albert Victor was born in 1864, his father
was Prince Albert Edward and his mother was Queen Victoria. Prince
Albert Victor was a slow child and grew up to be a rather dull adult.
There were rumors that Eddy was mildly retarded and he was partially
deaf. When the ripper murders were happening it was said that Prince
Albert Victor was in another country. According to Dr Thomas Stowell
eddy was suffering from syphilis. Joseph Barnett who was born in 1858
and died in 1926, his father was a fish porter who died in 1864 and
his mother left the family after her husband passed away. After this
he was raised by his older brothers Denis and Daniel, in 1887 Joseph
met Mary Jane Kelly who was one of the ripper murders, her mutilated
body was found at 13 Millers Court, Dorset Street, where the two were
living at the time of the ripper murders. William Henry Bury was born
in 1859 and he was first suspected when The New York Times suggested
he was the ripper due to the stab wounds on his wife Ellen, who
William murdered. Ellen was strangled to death then stabbed into the
abdomen. Ellen use to be a prostitute, the police found out that Bury
had a habit of sleeping with a penknife under his pillow, the penknife
matched the stab wounds on Martha Tabram, who Jack the Ripper
allegedly murdered. William Henry Bury was hanged in April 1889,
Dundee Scotland for the murder of his wife Ellen. Lewis Carroll whose
real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, was born on January 27th 1832,
his father was the Rev, Charles Dodgson and his mother was Frances
Jane. And he died in January 14th 1898 of violent pneumonia. Lewis did
mention the ripper in his private diary only once, on 26th August
1891, when he says talking to Dr. Dabbs, about his thoughts about Jack
the Ripper. David Cohen was born in 1865and he was a tailor. He was
first suspected of being Jack the Ripper in Martin Fido’s, The Crimes,
Detection and Death of Jack the Ripper, 1987. David...

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