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Investigation Of Network Security Requirements And Their Impact On Performance With The Aim Of Establishing Configurations Fit For The Purpose

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Networks have become a vital part of almost every organization changing the way that business is conducted from day to day. In the early days of the computer era business men and women have had to use standalone machines that were partially interconnected or not interconnected at all. Since then computing has gone through various changes through a number of decades which has led to the complete integration of various computing devices and now professionals are able to share hardware and software resources without difficult which has led to the reduction of business costs and a higher level of productivity. For example instead of having to buy a printer for every department or ...view middle of the document...

In this project, I aim to investigate some of the security challenges that exist in modern networks and how these security challenges are mitigated. After identifying mitigation techniques I intend to design a network and configure it with these mitigation techniques. The network will be designed in OPNET IT guru academic edition. Simulations will then be carried out and then a comparison will be made to assess the impact some of these security measures have on the network.
This project will help in understanding the threats that exist in modern networks and how best they can be mitigated and how performance is affected when certain measures are put in place e.g. firewalls. The project will also help me understand how to use a network simulation tool like OPNET for assessing performance.

The aim of the project is to investigate network security requirements and discover their impact on network performance.
1. Investigation and Literature review
1.1 investigating the origins of internetworking and network security
1.2 Analysis of network security threats and challenges
1.3 Investigation of the impact of network security breach on an organization.
1.4 investigations of network security mitigation techniques
2. Design Network Using Various Configurations
2.1 Investigate network devices, protocols and configurations commonly used in the industry
2.2 The results of the investigation in 2.1 will be used to build two identical Wide Area Networks (WANs) based on the IEEE standards for Ethernet, the networks will be built using OPNET IT guru academic edition
2.3 Configure security measures on the network such as firewalls VLANs.
3. Simulation and Results Analysis
3.1 based on the network designed in 2, simulations will be carried out using OPNET IT Guru academic edition.
3.2 Results of the simulations will be corrected and analyzed
3.3 A discussion of results from each simulation carried out.
4. Project Closure
4.1 Conclusion/Lessons learned
To provide a critical evaluation on the selected Network Security Requirements/Configurations
5. Planning
To implement this project I intend to use a...

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