Investigation Of The Yom Kippur War 1973

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Investigation of the Yom Kippur War 1973

In this investigation one will find the long term and short term
causes of the Yom Kippur war. This was achieved by reading various
sources about the war and the events that were prior to the war. Thus
for this investigation the research question is called "what were the
causes of the Yom Kippur war of 1973." By researching about the war
one came across various sources some very reliable and some not so
dependable thus the evaluation of sources shows how reliable and
valuable the investigation's two main sources are. From each source of
the sources one took the liberty of extracting relevant information
about the war thus all the events that were related to the war are
shown in the summary of evidence section. Finally, the analysis and
conclusion part of the investigation came about by taking all the
evidence into account and analyzing each cause, and then making an
over all conclusion relating to all the causes, analysis, and the
whole investigation.


The causes of the Yom Kippur war one can date it back all the way to
November 2 1917. This day was the day when the British assured the
Jews that in Palestine they would gain a national home which they
could call as their own. The British assured the Jews this by issuing
the Balfour Declaration ( However, the day Israel
gained its own state on May 15 1948 the majority of the Arabs felt
insecure and unjust. Thus, the Arabs on the same day declared war on
the newly Jewish state of Israel, which in the end the Israelis
managed to win; one can say that this is another long term cause of
the Yom Kippur war (Israel and the Arabs). In the following year on
April 3 1949, an armistice was reached by the two sides even though
this meant that the war had stopped, one can say it was still a
negative event and a cause for the war of 1973. This was so due to the
armistice gave way for Israel to gain 50% more land then what was
given to them by the U.N which again the Arabs felt it was unjust (
However, 7 years later on October 29 1956 Israel invades the Sinai
region which was Egyptian they did this in retaliation to the
Egyptians closing the Suez Canal to the Israelis. As well as that the
Israelis wanted to stop soviet arms being used and reached by the
Egyptians. Clearly a long term cause of the '73 war due to it almost
triggered another war in the region (History of Israel). On May 1964
the infamous PLO, Palestine liberation organization was founded, whose
soul aim was the destroy Israel. Alongside with the creation of this
organization a charter was made as well for the organization which
stated an immediate "liquidation" of the state of Israel. This was an
organization which would eventually trouble Israel for a long time and

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