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What is the effect of exercise on heart rate
What is the effect of exercise on heart rate? Are they related?~~Aim~~To find out if increasing intensities of exercises make the heart rate increase proportionally.~~Introduction~~I am going to investigate whether or not there is relative proportion between the increase of heart rate and increase of intensity levels during exercise. In order to find out, I will be doing a series of experiments that will be subjected on two boys and two girls. They will be separated according to gender.~~Hypothesis~~My predictions related to this experiment are:1) That the heart rate will increase significantly if not proportionally.2) Different exercises will lead to different results of some nature.~~Scientific Reasons~~Explanations for my predictions are:When we exercise, heavily or lightly, we tire out because our blood is pumping hard, and our pulse rate is increasing. There is a fair chance that the increase in intensity of exercise and heart rate are proportional, but to be on the safe side of predictions, I have stated thus.2) As different exercises have different intensity levels and attack different parts of the body, we may react differently to each of them. This, I think is an important fact when experimenting, as each exercise has to now be carefully analysed and thought of before being used during the experiment.~~Variables~~There are three types of variables that we are experimenting with. They are:Independent variable- this is the idea, which we are investigating.Dependent variable- the things that we will/can measure.Controlled variable- the things we can control.A. The independent variables that are in this experiment are:The heart rateThe level of intensity of the exercisesThe proportion between them.B. The dependent variables that are in this experiment are:The pulse rate before and after exercises.The controlled variables that are in this experiment are:Equal number of people doing exercise.The age group is the same.All after been supervised. They have eaten the same kind of food all day.All are barefootThe method of procedure and exercise will be the same for each subject.They will all be given time to rest between each exercise.The time will be from 4 pm to 6 pm, when all subjects are relaxed, but ready to exercise.The exercises will take place indoors.The same exercises will be repeated for each subject.~~Subjects~~Subject-#1 is a girl aged 14 years, fit, wearing clothes that she is comfortable with. Has eaten properly, and according to plan.Subject-#2 is a girl aged 15 years, fit, wearing clothes that she is comfortable with. Has eaten properly, and according to plan.~~Apparatus & Material~~A stopwatch.A pen or pencil.Paper.Room to exercise.Subjects to work with.~~Procedure Of Exercise~~Each subject will do these sets of exercises individually, so that no mistakes are made during examination. This will also avoid distraction.Step #1-Take resting pulse rate of subject.Exercise Type:...

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