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Investment In Walmart Stock Essay

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Sam Walton was the creator of Walmart; therefore, he must to have had success in his company to make it a very popular, widespread, multi-billion dollar company during our lifespan. The Walmart legacy has spread to 11,088 locations since its foundation in 1962. Sam Walton began to build upon his founding of Walmart by opening many other stores in the local areas around Roger, Arkansas. This would play a key role in how his business skyrocketed into success. Walton’s family has led Walmart into even greater success ever since his passing. The origins, popularity, and health of the Walmart stock are very important aspects to look at when looking at whether to look at investing into ...view middle of the document...

C. Penney in town. He worked there until 1942 when he moved back to his family, and at the age of 26, he opened up his first variety store with loans from his father and the money he had earned from military benefits. This store was located in Newport, Arkansas and was originally a franchise of the Butler Brothers chain. This store is where Sam Walton began to inquire his ideas of his empire of variety stores and supermarkets. This store is also the conclusion of Sam Walton’s childhood and the beginning of his legacy.
Due to the Meijer chain of discount stores stealing their ideas,Walmart had to add another way of bringing in revenue. By the end of 1962, the Walmart City Discount Store had converted to Walmart Supercenter; therefore, the supercenter style of store increased the revenue of Walmart substantially. This is because instead of only getting clothes, cleaning supplies, and snacks from local Walmart stores, you are able to get everything ranging from food to cleaning to upholstery. Almost everything needed for everyday life was found at a cheaper price in Walmart. This change increased the store’s popularity as well. By 1970, there were 38 Walmart stores with sales over $44.2 million. The states of operation included Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma. In 1978, their stock was documented to be around 7.8 cents per share. At this time, Walmart was not growing very rapidly at all, but in the 1980’s Walmart “boomed”. By its 25 year anniversary, Walmart had 1,198 stores and had sales of $15.9 billion. Walmart has slowly climbed its way up to 11,088 stores as of April 2014. It has also brought in $465.249 billion in revenue as of 2014. This shows to prove that in 52 years, the company has increased dramatically in popularity.
The Walmart stock is recorded back to 1978. During this time, Walmart’s...

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