Investment Management. Equities Investment Project Game. Includes Specific Shares And Risk Analysis.

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Executive Summary.Investment Philosophy.牋牋牋牋My investment philosophy is based on the top down approach. I have a growth strategy and a semi-efficient view of the market.牋牋牋牋I have invested 100% of my portfolio in equities for several reasons: higher profitability of equities comparing to other types of assets, high equity yields and competitive advantage.Original Portfolio.牋牋牋牋I have concentrated on two markets in my analysis: UK and Russia.牋牋牋牋Economic analysis of these countries showed that there are lucrative and in many ways unique investment opportunities in both of these markets.牋牋牋牋The following passages of my work I spend on the analysis of the specific industry sectors and companies which I have chosen to invest in.Rebalancing.牋牋牋牋That part of the work was based around detailed explanations of the reasons for exchange of my assets. The market situation underpinning these decisions.Performance Measurement.1st Period:Old Total Value of portfolio: 00New Total Value of portfolio: 0.45 ↓9.55 ↓ 12.9%Compared to a benchmark: World Equity Index = ↓1.36%↓ 12.9% < ↓1.36% - underperformed the index by 11.54%2nd Period:Old Total Value of portfolio: 0.45 (first period)New Total Value of portfolio: 5.88 ↑.43 ↑ 4.07%Compared to a benchmark: World Equity Index = ↑2.77%↑4.07% > ↑2.77% - outperformed the index by 1.3%Whole Period:Old Total Value of portfolio: 00New Total Value of portfolio: 5.88 ↓.12 ↓ 9.4%Compared to a benchmark: World Equity Index = ↑ 1.37%↓9.4% < ↑1.37 - underperformed the index by 10.77%Risk Analysis.My portfolio was a subject to several risks, which included:牋牋牋牋Inflation Risk Currency Risk牋牋牋牋Security-Specific Risk牋牋牋牋Interest Rate Risk Market牋牋牋牋Liquidity RiskLessons Learned and Future Strategy.牋牋牋牋I have greatly enhanced my analytical skills.牋牋牋牋I would definitely apply a more conventional approach to investments.牋牋牋牋I have a particular interest in India's technological stocks and the Russian bond market.牋牋牋牋investments in Russia1) 牋牋牋牋Introduction. (Investment Philosophy and Assumptions)My investment philosophy is centred around a top down approach, oriented on the "bull" market. When using this strategy investor first looks at an individual country's performance, analyses specific sectors and than picks the most attractive assets within those industries. I have a semi-efficient view of the market, which means that all the assets traded in the market incorporates all the publicly available information. I hold semi-efficient view...

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