Investment While You Are A Student

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This paper discusses the types, definition and objectives of investment. Some people didn’t know something about investment, That is why most of the people didn’t know on how they will be able to have a good future. This paper examines the questions what are the difference between the different types of investment people should know first the difference of each type for them to be able to choose on where they will put their money for their future. The risk that may happen if an investor will take a chance to do investing. What is the objective of investment in order for them to know its importance, where people usually want to invest their money and what an individual think about the usefulness of investment
This paper begins by discussing the definition of investment. The research then continues and discusses the types of investment the lending investment,speculative investment and the ownership investment together with their sub parts. The next part of the paper deals specifically with the different types of investment companies, the open end investment, unit investment funds and the close end investments. After, there is a part that deals specifically with the Investment objective. By the end of the essay, the conclusion is reached that Investment is somehow important to every individual because of the good thing that it gives especially to those who rarely seek to have money for their future.
In our modern world today peoples’ eyes are open for the wealth of their future. Most of them rarely seek strategies or ways in order to have a good fortune. Some will do everything, even if it hurts them or will leave their family just to earn money. It is really hard to earn money because a person must really work hard, he must first experience the pain, tired, stress and everything. But all of this was changed because of the modern world that has many inventions, new findings and other exciting things that makes every individuals life easier. One of the discovery of humans that makes one’s life easier, especially when dealing with money that was badly needed by everyone is the Investment.
For most of your life, you will be earning and spending money. Rarely, though, will your current money income exactly balance with your consumption desires. Sometimes, you may have more money than you want to spend; at other times, you may want to purchase more than you can afford based on your current income. These imbalances will lead you either to borrow or to save to maximize the long-run benefits from your income.
When current income exceeds current consumption desires, people tend to save the excess. They can do any of several things with these savings. One possibility is to put the money under a mattress or bury it in the background until some future time when consumption desires exceed current income. When they retrieve their savings from the mattress or background, they have the same amount they save.
Another possibility is that they can give up the...

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