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Character Sketch If Invisible Man has a happy ending, it is because the invisible man is able to recognize himself as invisible, yet at the same time, accept that he is an individual. Throughout Ralph Emerson's novel, the narrator struggles with many false identities, one after another, because of his desire to be seen. He is unable to see a self, his self, but instead acts out the wishes of others. The Invisible Man's spiritual reconciliation begins with the fate of Tod Clifton, whose death causes him to take a step further in seeing his own identity. With his newfound self, he can then emerge and take action, as an individual.One of the invisible man's false identities appears early in the novel, he is forced to participate in the "Battle Royal." This is in which local black boys are forced to fight one another blindfolded for the entertainment of the drunken whites. Yet despite the humiliation, the blood, and the pain, the narrator concentrates on his speech whether or not the whites would be able to "recognize my ability." The invisible man's desire of praise from the whites made him a vulnerable character to be taken advantage of, by not only the whites, but also other characters, like Dr. Bledsoe.Dr. Bledsoe gave the invisible man the role of an inferior fool. Not seeing the person who the invisible man was, Dr. Bledsoe kicked the invisible man out of school for his own benefits. Because the invisible man wanted to be successful, he did not want to undermine the white society, and he told himself, "he's right; the school and what it stands for have to be protected." Dr. Bledsoe manipulates the invisible man to seeing his point of view because of the narrator is blinded by hopes of a successful identity.The Brotherhood also gave the invisible man a different, significant identity. After the invisible man's spontaneous speech at the eviction of the black couple, Brother Jack gave him a job as a speaker for the Harlem district. The invisible man was taught what to say by Brother Hambro and was criticized if he did otherwise. The only time in which the invisible man spoke from his own heart and mind was at Tod Clifton's...

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